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    Giving notice


    A couple of questions...

    1) I want to leave my flat at the end of October. I have a rolling contract so need to give a month's notice. My rent is paid on the first of each month. What's the latest that I can give notice to my landlord?

    2) He doesn't return calls unless it's urgent so I daren't leave a message as he says he doesn't pick them up sometimes. Does written notice suffice as long as I post it to him using registered post and using the address he gave me on the contract? If he doesn't sign for the letter and it's returned to me (this happened once before) does it still count as notice as long as I keep my proof of postage?

    Thanks in advance

    The key date is not rent-day, it is the last day of a tenancy period. This may be the day before rent-day, but it doesn't have to be.

    To verify the correct day, dig out your last tenancy agreement and work out what date was it's last day. Presuming rent is monthly, each tenancy period will end on the same day of the month as that.

    Notice has to be given in writing. I would suggest you don't use a service like registered or recorded because the landlord can refuse those (or not be in to sign), just use regular first class mail and assume the letter will arrive 2 working days later. Make sure you get a *free* certificate of posting from the post office when you mail it.

    So, if we assume that each tenancy period ends on the last day of the month, your notice should be posted on or before 27th September to arrive by 30th September for a final day of 31st October.



      Thanks. That's all very clear.


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