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  • jeffrey
    It's no different from any other letting to a company/Council/Hsg. Ass. that will be subletting.

    Your letting to T cannot be within the Housing Act 1988 at all but is effectively a common-law contractual-only letting of residential accommodation (even if T's subletting is within the Act). In your letting, you'll ned to impose requirements re what you want T to do- e.g. obtain your consent for each subletting (or not), what clauses are to appear in each subletting Agreement, etc.

    Don't DiY- ever- when dealing with a big company. Its pockets are far deeper than yours!

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  • Scrungy
    started a topic Letting to Airlines?

    Letting to Airlines?

    I am considering letting my home to an airline which they will then use for their stewards/staff, as required, as a resolution to the problem of managing my property long distance.

    My property is in a good location for access to Heathrow and is well suited to sharers.

    Do you know if there is a particular way to do this (specialist agencies) other than contacting the HQ of each airline and/or contacting letting agents near the airport?.

    If you have experience with doing this, I would welcome comments/issues/pitfalls, etc. and exactly how you deal with with bills, cleaning, etc.


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