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  • Tenant's Belonging in property

    Hi we have finally managed to get our property back and the court have granted possession on or before 10th August. the tenants are away on holiday for 2 weeks back on the 13th August and said they are going to break in to get their belongings as we have now changed the locks as we feared they would try and stay longer when they got back and the bailiffs apparently won't be able to attend for at least 8 weeks. We have been told it is not illegal eviction as the court have granted possession but we don't know what to do with their things. They have moved their personal items before they went away but the rest of the house if jammed full of clothes, settees etc.

    Also they owe nearly 6 months rent, they have damaged the carpets and curtains and some wallpaper, the house is in a very dirty state and we would have to get contract cleaners in. They have broken a new dishwasher we left in for them to use, the garden is a terrible mess and they have also damaged two electric sockets and plugs and other things.

    Are we within our rights holding their furniture until they give us some money to clear the arrears and to rectify the damage? Also, what can we do to get the money back they owe us for rent and the money for damages etc?

    We have told the police to watch the house which they are doing and we have told them we have been getting threatening messages from the tenants saying that they will sort us out etc. We are very concerned and as we are trying to sell the property quickly with a cash sale hopefully very soon we want to get shut of their stuff and we fear when they are back from hols at the weekend they will just break in and get their stuff and wreck the place.

    Also as we don't know where they are going how can we issue a court form for the rent arrears etc?

    Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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