bailiff warrant time limit?

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    bailiff warrant time limit?

    gd evening all!

    i've started a court possession via s21, i should get mandatory possession

    once i get the order - how long will this possession order last for? is there a time limit for which i can intruct the bailiffs via the n325 form?

    i ask this as the tenant is saying he will pay his rent soon - if he does pay, i may not want to intruct bailiffs for a while

    thanks in advance for all ur help!

    The warrant lasts 12 months and can be renewed each year up to 6 years after which it requires leave of the court to be re-issued.


      thanks for the reply

      is it the possession order that last 12 months?

      rgding the warrant, i wont be issuing it just yet


        Sorry to come in on somebody elses query, but I too have a similar situation. I have been granted judgement on MCOL and will be issuing a warrant. I want to wait a while as I know there isn't anything of value with the defendants at the moment but one of the two may get a job within the next 12 months (Judgement issued in August so 12 months from then) and I want to make the most of the warrant by issuing it as late as possible.

        So if I issue the warrant 11 months and 29 days after judgement and re-issue it again within the following year this will maximise the possibility of the bailiffs getting some result or if not and the defendant is working getting an attachment of earnings?

        Would this be possible and a better use of time and money?


          Renew it, dont re-issue it which will cost you a fee.

          It can be renewed either until 6 years has elapsed, or the bailiff does a final return whichever is the sooner.

          After 6 years, it can be re-issued only with leave of the court and there needs to be a good reason why.


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