Rent Act (Regulated) tenancy; Rent Officer rent increase

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    l'm no stephen Hawkins when it comes to numbers.
    Would one of you smart guys be so kind as to help me out calculating this one.
    The last rent was registered in 1980 at £1068 per annum.
    l'd be so so grateful if you could give me a rough calculation of what the rent would be now today in Sept 2010 based on that previous figure.

    Thanks Montana


      Not sure exactly which varient the rent officer will use ( if any) but for 1987 to 2010 one set of figures shows a change of 101 to 224 so about 120% increase near as makes no odds - so someone in the 2300 - 2500 pa passed on those figures.

      However unless we are talking about a bedsit next door to a pig rendering plant that sounds pretty low by todays standards so be prepared for it to be higher - basically in line with whatever similar properties are going for in the area.


        Originally posted by bandontherun
        would be interesting to know what the upshot was. My understanding is that the capping provisions are such that the increase despite the long years that have passed will be fairly anodyne
        Maximum fair rent capping order 1999

        By the way,this thread is over a year old.
        Fed up with nitpickers and rivet counters...


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