Particulars of claim for possession

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    Particulars of claim for possession

    dear forum,

    Im trying to get a room back in a HMO property that I have which I served a section 8 notice on a tenant who was over 8 weeks arrears.

    Do I need to include a copy of the section 8 notice when i send paperwork to the court?

    On section 6 of a N119 form, am I correct is saying that its a (notice seeking possession).

    Final question before I go to bed, is for Q10.

    Do I circle (a) for getting possession, as this is what I want plus (c) for rent until I get property back, as I also want my money.

    Can I also make a claim against the tenant for my time in having to sit down for hours to prepare these documents.

    Many thanks

    6 - notice seeking possession

    10 - leave all

    Why are you doing this on paper (£150) when online at costs only £100.


      Due to my income, I get court fee remission, which may be great for the cost side of things, but its taken up so much of my time to do all these forms.

      Thanks for your help.


        It is actually none of my business whatsoever, but how do you qualify for ex160 fee remission when you have a rental income from (what seems to be) a portfolio of HMOs?


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