British Gas pushing prepayment meters

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    Hi E

    I have five properties, when I purchased them they the normal gas/power feeds.

    When I discovered my first pay u go meters installed at one of my properties 4 years ago by T without my concent I was not happy. But over time I quite like them it has reduced any disputes regarding outstanding bills to zero.

    Now all of my rentals have pay as you go meters, its just one less hassle when dealing with T. So I would recommend them to any LL.


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  • Ericthelobster
    started a topic British Gas pushing prepayment meters

    British Gas pushing prepayment meters

    I rang British Gas today to notify them that a tenant has left and that the account should be temporarily put back in my name until I find a new tenant. (The tenants have been model ones and I have absolutely no reason to suppose they haven't paid their utility bills etc).

    Got all that done OK, then the bloke insisted on putting me through to their credit dept in order to set up the new account. The conversation then went something like this:

    "Do you have prepayment meters in the property"?


    "As it's a tenanted property would you like to have prepayment meters in the property"


    "Oh... can I ask why not?"

    --"Well, the tarriffs are higher for a start"

    "Oh no I can assure you we now charge the same regardless of whether you are on a prepayment or credit meter" (yeah, right). "So would you like to have one fitted"?

    --(beginning to get a bit irritated) "No, absolutely not - the tenants I rent to would regard it as a major put-off if I showed them a property with prepayment meters".

    Pause. "Could you hold please while I talk to my supervisor?"

    Long pause. Me getting increasingly irate and decide that if there any issues I'll simply go to another supplier, although it's only likely to be for a week or two until it's re-let.

    "OK that will be fine. Is there anything else I help you with today?"

    So it seems to me that there is going to be increasing pressure for rentals to be moved on to prepayment meters... I wonder how this will progress? I suppose it's better than the water co's response to bad tenant debtors, which is to try and pass the bill on to the landlord...

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