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  • Alison James
    started a topic Tenant refusing me access

    Tenant refusing me access

    I wish to redecorate two bedrooms in a property I own. The tenancy is up for renewal in 4 weeks time so I would like them done before I start showing prospective tenants round
    The tenant refuses to let me in to do this even though in the lease it states I must give 24 hours notice to carry on repairs.
    He says he wants to be in when the work is carried on. Whilst I have no objections to this I have given him sufficient time to arrange his attendance (6 weeks)
    Am I within my rights to give him 24 hours notice and just send someone?
    If he is in when I send someone and he refuses access what are my rights?

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  • Letting out flat with WIFI included
    by Saladboy
    Hi All,

    since I plan to move in with my partner and rent out my 1 bedroom, would you suggest a short term (like airbnb or similar) or a traditional 6m/1y contract rent? I’d not move the furniture so it would be furnished, and internet will be included since I’m under contract.
    16-08-2022, 15:48 PM
  • Bankrupty Order
    by VictoriaH
    How much of an adverse affect can this have on a tenant?
    I've got a tenant who's playing the system, waiting for their eviction and CCJ
    What adverse affect can a bankruptcy order have over a CCJ on a tenant?...
    16-08-2022, 15:26 PM
  • Reply to Future Issues for LL and Tenants
    by jpkeates
    People will have to start paying a wage people can live on.

    And if there are fewer people there, there's less support needed....
    16-08-2022, 14:59 PM
  • Future Issues for LL and Tenants
    by Hudson01
    Looking at the news today (similar to yesterday and the day before), they are talking about combined energy bills of 4-5k a year...... by April 2023. There are many properties up north where the combined rental per annum is between 6-7k....... that is insane.

    Could we have a situation...
    13-08-2022, 22:08 PM
  • Reply to Future Issues for LL and Tenants
    by DoricPixie
    No teachers, no nurses, no care workers, no one collecting the rubbish and recycling? Who’s going to do all those jobs in London if they heave been forced to move out....
    16-08-2022, 14:43 PM
  • Reply to Capital Gains Tax
    by Codger
    It is upsetting to pay tax on inflation. Years ago there was a system for allowing for inflation but the tax was higher then.
    But there is no sympathy for landlords now so we cannot do much.
    16-08-2022, 14:13 PM
  • Capital Gains Tax
    by LVA
    Apologies if this has been covered in this website but I've looked and cannot find...

    I bought my flat in 1997, rented it out in 2001 (ish), returned to live in it in March 2020. Its approx 27 years ownership and 7 ish years living in it.

    My accountant tells me the CGT...
    16-08-2022, 12:59 PM
  • Reply to Capital Gains Tax
    by jpucng62
    But you have had 20 years of rent as well as the huge gain left after CGT!...
    16-08-2022, 14:12 PM
  • Reply to Future Issues for LL and Tenants
    by jpkeates
    That's a sensible point to make.

    I wasn't suggesting that people gradually move further and further into the economic wilderness as things get worse!

    I moved once, out of London and the South East, which is, in England, where I think the problem is.
    People who earn "normal...
    16-08-2022, 14:04 PM
  • Reply to Future Issues for LL and Tenants
    by royw
    And of course the rent has gone up because of greedy landlords and has absolutely nothing to do with supply and demand. Approx 10 million immigrants all of whom need a home but no one told the land manufacturers so we have no extra land to build millions of houses on (ditto water and food)....
    16-08-2022, 13:57 PM