Using s21 from start of tenancy?

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    Using s21 from start of tenancy?

    Hi Guys

    Just need a bit of help with the following if that's OK.

    Have tenants on an ast started on 16 April, due to end 15 October. A s21 was issued at the start of the tenancy. They were a tenant find from a letting agent. I have posted about my problems with them here before. They are lithuanian, and had 5 people living at the house at one point. Got my local council involved who were great, and who explained to them, in no uncertain terms, that only 2 people should be living there as per the tenancy agreement, therefore the others had to go, and that they would be monitoring them.

    Up to this point, the rent had been paid on time throughout. Tenancy agreement states payments by normal standing order on the 16th, letting agent said this was set up, however no rent as yet this month. Called the guarantor this morning who said he would be paying this tomorrow, and that the tenant had been sick, hence the reason for no payment. I said as payment was done by s/o I did not know what difference her being sick would make. Anyhow he kept talking but I did not understand, so I have asked that his English speaking daughter call me today. He unconvicingly said he would arrange this.

    My thoughts are that as they others have left, they now cannot afford the rent, despite both tenants have well paid jobs.

    Anyhow, I am now fed up with them, and if I do not hear from them by tomorrow evening I am going to ask them to leave.

    Can you advise whether I can still use the original s21 from the start of the tenancy? To give them 2 months notice in writing now, posting the letter Wednesday 25th would be, say, 27th October (to allow for postage time)- not the 15th October as on the s21?

    Many thanks for any help

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