Received post for previous T, showing different address

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  • sparrow
    Normally, if the original recipient thought they knew the new address of the tenant they should cross their own address out and put " address" If the tenant was not there either you could cross out the 2nd address and put no longer at this address, return to sender.

    I wouldn't write anything about the first address as you really don't know who lives there. I would write the first line or 2 of your address, cross it out and write no longer at this address and put it back in the post box. If it is delivered back to the first address, they will know not to send it back to you.

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  • Glenys1198
    I would just write " Gone away. Return to Sender" and put it in the post-box.

    Not your problem.

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  • Received post for previous T, showing different address

    Visiting our empty property yesterday and picked up some post. Amongst which was a letter, addressed by name to our previous T, but with a totally different address on it. My guess is that this was a previous address of the T, and the current occupier there "hand delivered" to our property a few steets away. We have no forwarding address for T although know he is still in the same town (taken a housing association flat somewhere).

    Looking at the letter, it appears to be from the Power Company, and I suspect he has left arrears at the previous property the same as he did at ours. The letter has not been opened and I do not intend to open it as I understand opening post not addressed to you can be construed as an offense.

    Basically, what do I do with it? If I write - no longer at this address, please return to sender - as I have with other post for the T, I am not strictly telling the truth, as the address on the letter is not that of my property. I thought of just dropping it back in the post box with nothing written on it, but then it is likely to go back to the original address, then be hand-delivered back to mine again!

    I suspect if he left arrears there, it could be something to do with final demands, court action and possibly being cut off etc, and the unspecting new occupant there may have a nasty surprise coming!

    I cannot bring myself just to chuck it in the bin and ignore it. WWYD?

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