Please help - Landlord wants to evict me!

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    Please help - Landlord wants to evict me!


    Could someone please explain my statutory rights with regards to eviction?

    I am fully paid up in rent and I signed a 6 month agreement with 2 months served. A housemate has complained about me to the landlord a couple of times and now she wants me to leave?

    What are my rights? I don't think she has justification for this severe action?

    The complain has been that I havn't taken the bins out enough, or wash up. I also am alleged to leave hairs in the bath.

    This to me does not seem reason to be evicted?

    This is the letter my landlord sent to me....

    Dear xxxxxxx,

    Hope you are well. I am sorry to have to ask you to find more suitable accommodation as it is that there is compatibility issue here and others do get on with each other but don't seem to be compatible with you. Would you kindly look for more suitable accommodation. With this email, I will give you your last six weeks notice to find another place to live. If you manage to find another place earlier, we can discuss that in advance and you can tell me at least 10 days in advance. I will also drop a letter through post for you.

    Thank you very much for being understanding

    Kind regards


    Please answer these questions and we will be able to advise you better:
    • Does your landlord live on the premises, or elsewhere?
    • If he lives elsewhere, did you sign a joint tenancy agreement with the other tenants, or an individual one for sole use of your own room (and possibly shared use of common areas e.g. kitchen, bathroom)?
    • Is the rental property in England or Wales (or somewhere else)?
    • Is the rent more or less than £2083 per month?
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