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  • westminster
    I would write to the T and advise them that the shed is not an acceptable storage place for the items, and that if they do not return the items indoors or place them in suitable storage, they will be liable for damage at the end of the tenancy. Also remind them of their obligation to report any disrepair immediately, and their potential liability if they fail to do so. Keep copy letter and proof of posting.

    You also need to get the roof leak checked out. T is liable for any damage caused due to failing to inform you of the leak, nevertheless, you have a statutory obligation to repair a leaking roof and it's in your interests to ensure the property is reliably watertight.

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  • Ericthelobster
    It's not usual to ask for money for damaged items mid-tenancy, mainly because the principal is that they need to return the property to you in the same condition as when they received it, less fair wear and tear. Consider this:

    How many more years could your sofa etc be reasonably considered to last, in normal use? Say, for the sake of argument, 10 years? Now, if your tenants were to stay for 10 years and move out, then at that point the sofa etc would be considered worn out, valueless, and the tenants wouldn't need to pay you anything at all for the damaged stuff. If they left after 5 years, they'd owe you for 5 years' lost life of the goods - etc etc.

    So it wouldn't be reasonable to impose a charge at this point.

    Not sure why you think the tenants need to pay for repairing a hole in the ceiling, by the way. Did they repair the leak?

    In terms of the sofa etc, I'd be inclined to write them a letter reminding then that they are responsible for the condition of the goods, as defined on the inventory which I hope you carried out at move-in, that the items are being irreversibly damaged by being stored inappropriately, and that they will be liable for the damage thus caused.

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  • PaulF
    You should write and list all the defects or breaches of tenancy that you have found and tell T that you expect them to be rectified. If the premises deteriorate as a result you will expect them to pay for it.

    It looks unlikely your tenants' deposit will cover this so best to get them out asap. You could serve a S.8 Grounds 12, 13 & 15 Notice which might make them sit up and take note or you could go the whole hog and take them to court for repossession. The grounds are discretionary so it's up to the judge and your evidence will need to be very good, such as photos etc. which might be difficult.

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  • cwarrendickins
    started a topic Compensation mid-Term?

    Compensation mid-Term?

    I carried out my 6-monthly inspection and discovered that the Tenants had dumped my sofa, armchair and curtains in the shed as they have their own. The shed is not watertight and it is bound to get damp. I am not sure I want to just sit back and rely on the deposit as I may need that for a couple of other issues (a ceiling or two might need replastering upstairs - there is cracking and it looks like a small hole fell through, which the Tenants replastered but made a shoddy job of it). Apparently there was a leak in
    the roof months ago, which they did not tell me about!

    Do you think I should ask them to transfer me the funds for the sofa, armchair and curtains? In fact, I could even ask them for the funds for replastering, although I am less comfortable about that if the roof did in fact have a leak (no way of me knowing whether they are telling the truth). On the one hand, I don't want to lose tenants who pay the rent on time each month, but on the other, I don't want to lose out.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

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  • Reply to Smoking tenant
    by Hudson01
    I can only echo the above comments, you have done what you need too, although to be honest i would have taken this action years ago, if you have never liked all the smoke then why put up with it for so long...... I would be very unhappy about all the smoke but i would seriously consider selling both...
    13-05-2021, 19:42 PM
  • Smoking tenant
    by renting25
    Please can you offer us advice as to whether there is any action that can be taken to stop a very serious situation of anti social behaviour.My wife and myself own 2 maisonettes a upstairs owned by me that we both live in and a downstairs that is owned by my wife and she has rented the property out...
    13-05-2021, 17:17 PM
  • Reply to Early change of Landlord
    by theartfullodger
    Sympathy! Don't forget to advise tenants to pursue the agent's complaints process and when that process fails - (I can foresee the future) - to use the lettings agent redress scheme. See here advice from Mssrs Shelter..

    Good luck:...
    13-05-2021, 19:34 PM
  • Early change of Landlord
    by islandgirl
    Would be grateful for thoughts on this. Daughter signed student tenancy for next academic year on Monday this week. LL shown as an individual with the same name as the letting agency. Yesterday she was told that the LL wishes to self manage and to change her standing order payment to an investment company...
    13-05-2021, 09:52 AM
  • Reply to Smoking tenant
    by Jon66
    Yes I agree with the above. Make sure you have complied with statutory requirements to ensure any s21 is valid.
    13-05-2021, 18:59 PM
  • Reply to Smoking tenant
    by ash72
    You have been provided the advice by your legal council, if you want them out seek possession of the property (do it before S21 is removed), you need to now moved to the next stage which is put in an application for possession, then finally bailiffs. I would also stop complaining to the T's it is harassment,...
    13-05-2021, 17:44 PM
  • Reply to New landlord needs some advice
    by DPT57
    She wouldn't be able to rent it straight away anyway if you carry out referencing, (which you should), as this takes a few days. I get people to complete an application form too. A lot of prospective tenants are flaky on OR. Some promise to call you and you never hear from them again, even if you try...
    13-05-2021, 17:38 PM
  • New landlord needs some advice
    by wenqi
    Hi, I am just a new landlord who is renting our first property using openrent. I do need some advice from you.

    We had a very lovely lady to view our house. She looked love our property and wanted to take it straight away. Because she came alone (her partner was working), my husband advised...
    12-05-2021, 19:56 PM
  • Reply to 'Replacement tenancy' issue
    by berliner
    "If the new tenancy is for a lesser rent, the tenant will remain liable to pay an amount equal to the difference between the original rent and new lower rental figure up to the end of the original fixed term."

    I read in a similar post that such a clause might not be enforceab...
    13-05-2021, 17:38 PM
  • 'Replacement tenancy' issue
    by berliner
    Good afternoon and thanks for taking the time to read my post.

    Back in October, I found replacement tenants to take over my joint AST (without break clause) which would have run until this July. Because of Covid, I could only find someone who was willing to pay about £400 pcm less than...
    13-05-2021, 17:22 PM