Mice - who is responsible?

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    Mice - who is responsible?

    I moved into a rented residential property about 8 weeks ago and have since started noticing telltale signs of mice or rat activity. In the beginning I was not convinced, but now I am and therefore notified the landlord as I have a 2 week old baby in the house.

    I was rather surprised when told by the landlord that "this is not his problem" and that I would have to sort it out at my own expense. He also said that there were no mice in the property when we moved in, to which my obvious reply was "How can you prove that, these animals only come out at night and do not present themselves at the front door when new tenants move in?"

    Anyway, he has agreed to send someone from pest control "this time", but if it happens again, I will have to sort it out myself.

    So basically, I just wanted to know if he is liable to sort this out or not?

    Thanks very much

    As long as you haven't exasperated the problem, like leaving rubbish around (Im not suggesting you have) then he needs to sort out the problem. This is a H&S issue which he needs to get to the bottom of. However, I would also inform the council as the problem may not be confined to the local vacinity of your accomodation. Do you have cats?, in my experience the little b*****gers bring them in and set them free in the kitchen!


      Ll Is Correct. Rodent Control Is Responsibility Of The Tenant.

      (but Ll Should Take Reasonable Structural Steps To Prevent Rodents Entering - Fill Holes, Etc)


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        Just be careful with insurance. Empty properties are a "challenge"
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