how do I know landlord references are genuine?

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    how do I know landlord references are genuine?


    I'm letting out my flat as I'm relocating but am concerned about the stories you hear of people just putting their friends down as previous landlords. Is there any way I can check they really were the landlord?

    Ask to see the tenancy agreement.
    Check the land registry at a cost of £4.
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      As well as thesaints suggestion, a credit check should reveal past addresses for the tenant - so the landregistry checks will give you the name of the owners of those properties. Hopefully, the phone book will give you the phone numbers, so you telephone to query something in the reference. When they say "what reference?" - BINGO!


        Originally posted by Snorkerz View Post
        When they say "what reference?" - BINGO!
        ...but unfortunately not 'full house', as you will presumably have to start tenant-hunting all over again!
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          by theartfullodger
          a) so the mobile home does not provide the (very) basic facilities that any tenant or judge would expect for a dwelling....
          b) Agree with jpk: Should it get to court (which is when the issue matters..) can;t see any judge deciding it's anything but a tenancy & you the landlord er... not at...
          24-01-2022, 16:26 PM
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          by lgr001
          I have a mobile home next to my property. Do I qualify for the rent a room scheme if I rent out the mobile home but the occupant must use the shower and washing facilities in my house i.e. so that the mobile home is not a separate unit of accommodation? There is a provision by the council that it...
          24-01-2022, 14:25 PM
        • Reply to Tenant in situ
          by jpkeates
          It's almost impossible to reset the tenancy with a new agreement.
          The buyer will inherit the previous tenancy at the same point that they're able to let the property on the new agreement, so any new tenancy is going to be a follow on tenancy.
          So things that need to be done at the very start...
          24-01-2022, 14:57 PM
        • Tenant in situ
          by Bridge2020
          I’m looking at buying another property to rent out. The one I’m looking at has a tenant in situ. I have seen a copy of the AST and payments to the agents.
          Anyone have any experience of this please ?...
          20-01-2022, 08:29 AM
        • Reply to Rent a Room scheme
          by jpkeates
          You're really going to struggle with that not being a tenancy.
          If the tenant can lock the door to exclude you, and they could wash in a sink, that's likely to be a dwelling house.
          24-01-2022, 14:52 PM
        • Reply to Regulated Tenancy
          by AVJ113
          Yep, that's exactly what has happened....
          24-01-2022, 14:12 PM
        • Regulated Tenancy
          by AVJ113
          I have a basic understanding of regulated tenancy. I'm looking to buy a property with a tenant in situ on a regulated tenancy. In the real world, what are the pros and cons? Is there anyone with any experience?
          24-01-2022, 13:38 PM
        • Reply to Regulated Tenancy
          by DoricPixie
          How basic is your understanding?

          From your other thread you are seeing a broker about a BTL mortgage. I think you will struggle to secure a BTL mortgage against a property with a Regulated Tenancy in place....
          24-01-2022, 14:05 PM
        • Reply to Regulated Tenancy
          by jpucng62
          Unless it is REALLY cheap - don't!

          I inherited a property with a regulated tenant. The rent can only go up once every 2 years, by a specified amount, although more often if you improve the property, but it will always be cheap.

          Most tenants have been in a very long time and...
          24-01-2022, 13:58 PM
        • Reply to Tenant in situ
          by Interlaken
          Agree with above but if the property is in poor condition and the tenant elderly (or could be child of tenant who may be middle aged) then steer clear. I would definitely speak with the tenant.
          24-01-2022, 13:30 PM