landlord sold house im living in help

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    landlord sold house im living in help

    hey guys

    just wondering if you can help
    im living in a 2 bed house with my other half and my little boy we moved here last july
    my landlord put it up for sale in oct 09 and has now just sold the house my deposit is in a goverment scheme and he has issued the correct notice of 2 months.
    we had a meeting at the local council as my one wage for all of us isnt enought to get a mortage or go through estate agents on rented accomadation and private ones are really rare in my area.
    i was told that after the 2 months if we are not out my landlord has to take me to court and then 6 weeks after that the bayliffs get involved if we are not out this is what the council told me
    but i heard if im not out after the 2months and he loses the sale of the house he can charge me or sue me for damages and costs.
    i have another meeting with the council and just wondered if there was any info i can show them then they can help us because i dont want a backlash from this.

    any help would be great



    Your asserting your lawful tenancy rights does not give L any power to claim damages/costs against you.
    From where have you 'heard' this dubious nonsense?
    JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
    1. Public advice is believed accurate, but I accept no legal responsibility except to direct-paying private clients.
    2. Telephone advice: see
    3. For paid advice about conveyancing/leaseholds/L&T, contact me* and become a private client.
    4. *- Contact info: click on my name (blue-highlight link).


      I agree, but in the end you cannot stay there indefinitely. Perhaps it would be worth asking for an interview with the Tenancy Officer or the LHA people at your council? They may be able to help, especially if you are a single parent.
      'Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation fo the first link on one memorable day'. Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


        Originally posted by jeffrey View Post
        Your asserting your lawful tenancy rights does not give L any power to claim damages/costs against you.
        Though you'll still be liable for the LL's costs associated with the court hearing and bailliffs, should you decide not to leave when requested.


          ok thats cool
          i heard it on the net read it some where and didnt want it to happen so thought id check it plus wanted info to show the council i have to be out in those 2months otherwise im in deep trpuble then maybe they would help straight away



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