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    Out of Interest - Licences to Occupy

    I saw a thread about this and would like to pick the far more knowledgeable brains on here.
    Where a license is issued (hostel, refuge etc) would it stand up in court as a named room is allocated to a specific tenant? This came up in another thread as not being possible.
    Are hostels and refuges considered special case?
    How would one go about starting eviction procedures under a licence?
    Would having an all inclusive rent affect this?


    Adding to the discussion - i hope.

    What are the states of occupancy ?
    are they :-
    a) Owner Occupied
    b) Residency under Letting under agreement
    c) Residency under Licence (no payments made - free of charge)
    d) Illegal residency

    ie. if some one lives in a property with the owners permissin and does not pay rent (allegedly so there are no tax declarations or CP12 requirements) and there is no tennancy agreement is this 'Residency under Licence' ?


      See para. 3 in Schedule 1 to the Housing Act 1988. This debars from the Act's coverage a tenancy under which for the time being no rent is payable.
      Conclusion: one can still have a tenancy (albeit non-1988 Act) if no rent is payable.
      JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
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      • Reply to Mould, rent arrears
        by mokka
        For your sake I hope it is just the tenant playing games because the next tenant will complain too if it’s anything like penetrating damp, poor state of the structure of the walls roof tiles missing etx.

        The tenant should get a report done by a surveyor to prove it really as hard evidence...
        17-01-2022, 15:53 PM
      • Reply to Statutory Periodic Tenancy
        by theartfullodger
        No. And a tenant does not have to agree to or sign any new agreement.
        17-01-2022, 15:37 PM
      • Statutory Periodic Tenancy
        by Neil P
        Hi, My tenant will not move out at the end of the fixed term tenancy. My understanding is that this will automatically become a statutory periodic tenancy. Do I have to provide any documents / agreements for this statutory periodic tenancy or does it carry on using the previous fixed term agreement,...
        17-01-2022, 14:48 PM
      • Reply to Statutory Periodic Tenancy
        by Neil P
        Thanks. I plan to give a copy of the epc, gas safe etc. However I do not have to create a "new" agreement to sign ...right?
        17-01-2022, 14:56 PM
      • Reply to Statutory Periodic Tenancy
        by jpkeates
        Unless your tenancy agreement creates a contractual periodic tenancy, if you're in England a periodic tenancy is created by the Housing Act 1988.

        If the How to Rent booklet has changed since you gave the tenant a copy originally, you should give them the version that was current when the...
        17-01-2022, 14:53 PM
      • Reply to Statutory Periodic Tenancy
        by jpucng62
        if your agreement said it would become periodic then it is a Contractual Periodic Tenancy; if your tenancy said nothing it will become a statutory periodic tenancy.

        My understanding is the first is a continuation of the original & the second is a 'new' tenancy. A new tenancy needs all...
        17-01-2022, 14:53 PM
      • Reply to Who pays?
        by ash72
        If you allow the T to change the locks, make sure they meet your insurance policy requirements, once the T leaves they can replace it with the originals or your get new locks. Get a copy of any keys you will require for access.
        17-01-2022, 14:01 PM
      • Who pays?
        by ElliotM
        Hey there! Sorry if this was already posted! I had a long debates with my student - tenants, in case they are replacing the locks as they old(as they say) and do not offer the security level the tenants want, who pays for the locks and for the locksmith?
        17-01-2022, 11:44 AM
      • Reply to Wales: New Legislation – your roles and responsibilities
        by jpkeates
        I feel for anyone with a current tenancy, who will be caught up in a set of rules and contractual terms that they didn't anticipate when they decided to let their property (and which can presumably be challenged on that basis).

        What the regulations do achieve is to make reasonably clear...
        17-01-2022, 13:55 PM
      • Wales: New Legislation – your roles and responsibilities
        by JBJ01
        Registered landlords in Wales today received the information I've copied below. The vendetta against private rental is going to be cranked up yet another level with a new Labour / Plaid pact leading to full rent control. Many tenants will lose their homes before July, rents will rocket prior to the...
        15-01-2022, 19:37 PM