Out of Interest - Licences to Occupy

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    Out of Interest - Licences to Occupy

    I saw a thread about this and would like to pick the far more knowledgeable brains on here.
    Where a license is issued (hostel, refuge etc) would it stand up in court as a named room is allocated to a specific tenant? This came up in another thread as not being possible.
    Are hostels and refuges considered special case?
    How would one go about starting eviction procedures under a licence?
    Would having an all inclusive rent affect this?


    Adding to the discussion - i hope.

    What are the states of occupancy ?
    are they :-
    a) Owner Occupied
    b) Residency under Letting under agreement
    c) Residency under Licence (no payments made - free of charge)
    d) Illegal residency

    ie. if some one lives in a property with the owners permissin and does not pay rent (allegedly so there are no tax declarations or CP12 requirements) and there is no tennancy agreement is this 'Residency under Licence' ?


      See para. 3 in Schedule 1 to the Housing Act 1988. This debars from the Act's coverage a tenancy under which for the time being no rent is payable.
      Conclusion: one can still have a tenancy (albeit non-1988 Act) if no rent is payable.
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