Tenanat keeps complaining about Repairs

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    Tenanat keeps complaining about Repairs


    my tenant is on a 12 months AST which is now in the 6 month. My tenant keeps complaing about repairs, which sometimes don't even exist, (eg I can smell gas, but on expection there is no smell !)

    One of her common complaints is the waste water drains keep getting blocked. However, everytime I visit there is no blockage and she claims it cleared up. She generally says I was giving the kids a bath when I came downstairs, waste water was comming out of the kitchen sink waste water outlet. I have even bought her mr muscle sink unblocker twice !

    Another frequent claim is a small amount of water seaps in from the garage walls when it rains.

    I'm not sure what to do with this tenant, My letting agents are absolutely useless, saying I need to resolve all issues with the tenant.

    Please advise on what Ishould do.

    Many thanks.

    Firstly, if she thinks she can smell gas, tell her to phone the GasBoard emergency number - there's precious little you can do about it.

    Regarding the waste water "problem" .. it sounds as though she may be using too much "sudsy" product in the bath - this would cause the suds to back up, and then disappear later.

    Tell her that in future you will charge her for every abortive call out you have to make. That will probably resolve the problem !!

    PS Have you ever considered she might like you and it's just an excuse to get you round ?
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      I don't know but if waste water goes into the kitchen sink when you empty the bath upstairs there's obviously a problem !

      Sometimes when a gas boiler goes on (you're getting hot water out of the tap etc.) you can smell gas for a short time around it.
      If it smells of gas for a while she should contact the emergency number.

      If water's seaping in from the garange when it rains it would be in your interest to fix it as there is apparently a structural problem (tiles have moved?) and it would affect your asset that is the house.

      You can't ignore complaints about problems if it's not about simply changing a light bulb. It's worth checking on them and reassuring the tenant at the time although you can warn them that if you show up and there is no problem you might hav eto charge them for coming out.


        Have you ever considered some of these may be intermittent problems?

        I occasionally smell gas when the boiler comes on if I'm standing by the open kitchen window next to the boiler. It doesn't happen every time though and also depends on things like wind direction. I've no idea if it matters, I'd assumed not. Why don't you at least find out if small amounts of gas smell matter and let her know the results.

        As for the water seeping onto the garage walls when it rains, this can be quite common especially if the lead flushing over the joints isn't watertight. Often this only shows up when the wind blows driving rain in. I don't see it should matter to the tenant much, it's up to you if you mind a bit of damp in the garage. The garage here has leaking guttering, I reported it for the landlord's benefit not my own. It hasn't been fixed and I don't much care if he ends up with damp in there.

        As for the waste water. Well the problem is hardly going to show up unless the bath is emptied. Maybe she could keep a bath full of water to demonstrate? Waste water in the kitchen sink isn't acceptable IMO.


          I don't know but if waste water goes into the kitchen sink when you empty the bath upstairs there's obviously a problem !

          this can usually be solved by fitting an anti-syphon waste pipe under the kitchen sink
          Opinions given are mine, They are not necessarily correct, as the more I learn the less I know, You should always seek professional help.


            a blocked pipe (waste pipe) would cause the sink to fill if the blockage was quite far down pipe ie just outside, a plumber or anyone who can rod the drain could fix this,as to the boiler and gas smell, if its the smell of the flue gases this is normal although the distance of the flue to windows or eaves should be checked,and a gas soundness check should be done to check the house isnt going to blow up,as to water seepage id go with the others check flashings and gutters,all these couldbe fixed buy a plumber within an hour or one hours work and three banging on the pipe


              Originally posted by arlow11
              a plumber or anyone who can rod the drain could fix this,
              Oh no, do this yourself! There's a strange satisfaction to be found in ramming away at years of accumulated grease that have turned a main drain into something that water occasionally seeps through, then seeing it start to gush free. The other advantage is that when you see the effect of grease on a nine-inch pipe, you realise what it must be doing to your arteries, and you'll never look at a bacon buttie in quite the same way again.


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