LL being a nuisance. What can i do

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    LL being a nuisance. What can i do

    Im currently letting a property from a private landlord. Im paying my rent on time and not causing any problem or damage to the property. However the landlord persists with frequent intrusive inspections of the property. At least once a month whereby hes inspecting every roome of the house while i stand by as if im a visitor in my own home. Is there anything i can do or say to cut down to a minimum these visits. I understand that inspections are expected but the frequency is becoming a bit of a chore. Any advice would be appreciated.

    politely but firmly.......

    ask for appointments beforehand to be made and be candid and say that to the landlord that now he can see you keep the place nicely would less frequent inspections be agreeable?


      The simple answer is to refuse such inspections. This may be difficult to do but while you have a tenancy, you have exclusive occupation rights. This means that to all intents and purposes no one, not even the landlord, can enter the premises without your permission.

      There are some exceptions to this - but frequently repeated 'inspections' would not be one of them.

      Google 'Quiet Enjoyment' for further information


        There are two answers to this I'm afraid.

        1. The legal answer - you can refuse all inspections and all access and if objects involve the police. This does stop the access but the downside is that the landlord is able to give you 2 months notice after the expiry of any fixed term.

        2. The practical answer - this is really a matter of negotiation and what position you take will depend on how strongly you object and how strongly you don't want to move. As a guide it is not unusual for agents to do 6 monthly inspections and some do 3 monthly but anything more than this really is overly instrusive.

        There will probably be some give and take available - remember that if you are a good tenant the LL isn't going to want you to move out as changing tenants can be costly and uncertain so you do have some leverage.

        It is difficult to advise not knowing the character of the LL but you might want to start with - we have established that I am a decent tenant who looks after the property and I am finding these frequent inspections rather intrusive - I would therefore like to move then to once every x months.


          As with everything there are two sides to every story. I doubt very much the LL wants to come around very month.

          Also what does the AST say about landlord entrying the property?

          If the landlord is giving you 24 hours notice and you agree then I cannot see an issue but if he just turns up out of the blue then you can refuse entry. But as the earlier post states he can serve an eviction notice just as quick so talk to him.

          Speak to the landlord and ask why he is around so often, I would advise not to go in heavy handed.

          On other note and a thing to bear in mind and not many people pick this up but some house insurances require 6 some say 13 weekly some say 3 monthly inspections to take place. I have seen insurance policies small print that state this.


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