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  • Help needed with AST

    Forgive me if this has been asked before but I did search the old threads and can't find the answer. I am about to issue a 6 month fixed term AST to a new tenant and if we are both happy at the end we will draw up a new 12 month fixed term with a break clause. However, if the tenant wanted to move out before the 6 months, what would she need to do? Alternatively, if I wanted to end the tenancy early, what procedure to I follow? Can I insert a break clause into the 6 month fixed AST? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    With what Ive gathered from my very little experience she wouldn't be able to get out of the agreement. She has signed for that 6-month contract and its binding. She could leave but she would be liable for the rent up until that contract expires. However, you can mutually agree for her to leave if she came to you and said she really needed to leave and you accepted her plee..and then just shred the contracts.

    You don't usually have contracts less than 6months...

    Hope this helps!


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