How do I find out if my deposit is protected?

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  • charakadisney
    thank you
    I had used it a week or so ago and didnt get anywhere with it so assumed it was spam
    thanks for informing about the issue

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  • irishgem1
    Snorkerz, many thanks for that.
    I would be grateful for your advice regarding the following:
    Landlord de-instructs Agent1 at the end of tenancy and instructs new Agent2. Agent1 claims to have checked property and finds lots of problems however agent2 went to property on the same day and found the property to be have been cleaned to a very good standard however, there are a few minor repairs which are the Landlord's responsibility.
    Agent1 claims that he can't resolve any of the problems as he has been deinstructed so the Landlord has asked for him to transfer the tenants' deposit to Agent2. Agent1 insists that he can only transfer the deposit on receiving Agent2's deposit scheme details!? (This is pure rubbish isn't it? If the tenants authorise transfer then it's fine isn't it? They have left the property!)
    Agent2 is almost certain that Agent1 has not lodged the deposit with any scheme himself.
    Agent2 has used your form which is great, however, if it is proved that the deposit is not in a scheme what can the Landlord (who is in Africa) realistically do because as I understand it, the tenants could potentially claim against the Landlord and the Landlord would have to claim against Agent1.
    Agent2 has suggested to Landlord that she asks Agent1 to refund the deposit, in full, to the tenant however, Agent1 seems to think that the Landlord works for him and not vice versa so he could come up with anything to stall the refund.
    Agent2 has to visit Agent1's office and Monday and would like to be as well informed as possible beforehand.
    I would be grateful for your comments.
    Many thanks

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  • Snorkerz
    started a topic How do I find out if my deposit is protected?

    How do I find out if my deposit is protected?

    I have, for several months, been giving advice to questions like this that included reference to

    Last night, I was informed that the form was no longer working! If any readers have tried to use the form and it has failed, I am sorry for the disappointment.

    However, it is now fixed. Tenants can fill in the form and it will send all the relevant information to the 3 deposit schemes, together with a confirmation to the sender. It is free and there is no advertising!

    In the coming days I will do an extra amended version for landlords who want to find out if their agents have protected their tenants deposits.

    It was part of a website I was looking at doing - but don't click on the links because the rest of the website isn't there!

    If anyone wants to use it, you're welcome to. Likewise if anyone wants to include it's existence in their own posts here and on other forums, feel free.

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