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    Cancel a contract before it's started

    Hi All

    I currently rent a room in a shared house through a letting agency and the contract is due to end 31st August, in April the agency demanded we tell them whether we will be renewing the contracts or not. I wasn't happy to stay on in the current house, but the agency offered an alternative property to move into from the 1st September, I signed the contract with them. However I'm now moving away from the area completely due to work. I have informed the agency I do not wish to go ahead with the tenancy as of the 1st of September, but they are now saying I will owe them a months rent due to breaking the contract! Can they do this even though the contract hasn't even started yet?

    Thanks in advance for any replies


    I suspect so, because although the tenancy hasn't started, the contract has been running since you signed it.


      It's logical. T would be somewhat peeved if it were L who pulled the plug before the tenancy began. Once there's a contract in existence (offer/acceptance/intention to create legal relationship), both parties are bound even if the contract creates a tenancy that begins later.
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