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    Home heating.


    Looking for some advise please. My step daughter moved into a private let with her boyfriend and 3 month old baby. The property they let is part of a larger house which has been mage into a granny flat. They have there own bathroom and kitchen with own bedroom and living room and have no acces to rest of house. My main concern from them is the central heating is controlled from the main part of the house. When they asked the landlord if he could put the heating on as their area was cold they were told no as the rest of the house was warm and if they were cold buy a heater.

    What i would like some knowledge of is should thay not have there own heating controls?

    Thanks in advance,

    Have a chat with the environmental health officer at the local council.

    Your daughter certainly should have access to heating controls - and indeed, if the landlord had simply supplied a couple of electric heaters, that would then seem to comply.

    There are lots of references to heating controls in HHSRS, which is the guide that the environmental health will use to assess the severity of the isue. http://www.communities.gov.uk/docume...pdf/150940.pdf



      Thank you for helpful advise towards this problem.


        If your daughter likes living at the property, it would be wiser to approach the landlord again with a better solution to their problem.

        Contacting the enviromental health officer at the first hurdle doesn't often work out for the tenant long term.
        Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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