Landlord problem+reclaiming my bond.

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    Landlord problem+reclaiming my bond.

    Basically, I moved into a property, but there were a lot of issues with repairs that were hidden when we moved in and came to light as the months went on, and also hidden fees came to light. The letting agent was threatening and aggressive, and sent a lot of threatening letters and e-mails. The house originally was £400 but after we'd paid letting fees etc of £350 he upped the price to £520. As my partner is protected under the Mental Health Act, we were helped to move out to a more secure environment. The landlord was notified and the house was left as we found it. The bond we paid was £520, but that was never protected under any bond scheme, and it has not been returned. It's been two months since we moved out, and the landlord continued his threatening behaviour, this time towards my guarantor. He also forged our signatures and set up standing orders on our accounts, attempting to take £260 apiece out. A letter was sent to the company he works for to stop this behaviour, and so far it's stopped, but I want to take steps to get my deposit back. I was told to write a letter of action, giving him 7 days. Can anyone advise me on this? I'm not sure how to word such a letter. I was not given a reciept for the bond, but I do have bank reciepts for letting fees, and it states in our contract that a £520 deposit was paid. Is that enough? I just want to end this nightmare and move somewhere we can be happy. This house cost us thousands in the end and has put a lot of strain on us both.

    How horrible for you. I believe the tenancy agreement will suffice as a receipt for the bond.

    I have linked below to a template letter you are welcome to use. It makes mention of claiming 3x the value of the deposit under the 2004 Housing Act. Normally, I would say it is a good threat, but risky in practice. However, in view of your partners situation, you may be able to claim 'legal aid' to follow such a threat through.

    However, send the letter and wait 14 days (change it to 7 if you want, but you have to be seen as reasonable and I personally think 14 is right). Make sure you get a free proof of posting from the post office and keep a copy.

    Here is the template...

    If he doesn't pay - you have 2 options...

    1) to claim just the deposit, go to and start your claim there. The process is quite straight forward, but you might want to get a book from the library about the 'small claims' process. You will have to pay fees - but you may be able to reclaim them (google EX160a) and if you win, the landlord will be ordered to refund any fees you have paid anyway.

    2) seek legal aid / advice about going to the 'big court' and claiming your deposit back and the penalty of (in your case) an extra £1560. If you went along this route, your solicitor may also be able to advise you about possible damages for harassment.


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