Can I do my own inventory?

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    Can I do my own inventory?


    I will be letting my 1 bedroom flat out privately in a couple of months and am looking into the associated costs. From the NLA website I saw that I would expect to pay around £200 for the inventory and check in/out.

    My questions are:

    1) What is the check-in/out fee?
    2) If I draw up my own inventory will it still be legally binding in case I need to withhold any of the deposit etc?
    3) If I do my own inventory is there a form/template I can use (for free if possible!!)

    Many thanks in advance for any help / advice!

    Of course you can do your own. If the T signs it it's legally binding, if they don't it's not. So get everything(Photos) and every page signed and dated.
    As template, all you need is three colums, What, where and condition for everything in the flat, curtains, carpets wall, sinks, ovens, doors, windows, keys, garden, basicily everyting which you mite have to claim for. Anything not on list however small or large, you can't claim on. Even if they break a loo holder, if not on inventory you can't force them to pay for it. Of course you can ask. More detail the better.

    But like anything in life, it mite be better for the first time to get a pro in, and then next time use their document as a template.
    Disclaimer: What I say is either right or wrong. It may be advisable to check what I say with a solicitor. If he says I am right then I am right, unless he is wrong in which case I am wrong; but if he says I am wrong then I am wrong, unless he is wrong in which case I am right


      I know what you mean about getting a pro do to it first time round but at the moment i have the luxury of time but not money!! So wherever possible am trying to cut costs if i can afford to.

      I saw that there are additional fees for check in and out which the pros charge... do you know what these are for / what they do for these fees? (I was confused as the checkin fee is separate to the inventory....)


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