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    Long time no post chaps. I managed to evict my tenants back in March thanks to all the help here and had then decided I couldn't face renting the property and put it up for sale. Due to a total lack of interest I am now venturing back into the rental market, with another agent, who apparently use a firm called Homelet who carry out checks and cover any non-payment of rent. Has anyone had any experience with this firm? Apparently they have just refused a couple who wanted to rent my home, the agent says its because they couldn't provide a Guarantor but I am sure I have read somewhere that Homelet only insist on a Guarantor if there are problems with references or checks.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Would it be worth looking to take out Landlord insurance myself with a suitable firm.


    Are you looking to get insurance yourself because you want these tenants?


      Homelet request guarantors if there are problems with reference or checks, or if the tenant is on a fairly low income or gets rental top-up from benefits/tax credits etc. It may be worth asking exactly why they required a guarantor in Homelet's eyes. Homelet's refusal is a refusal for the LL to be able to take out their rent guarantee insurance on the tenants. It does not mean you, the landlord, cannot still accept them (though obviously homelet will have reasons for their refusal). The agent may provide rent guarantee insurance automatically for you which means they cannot offer it to you on these tenants. We had a case where a single mum, who, due to an ex partner had a CCJ and poor credit but she had two jobs and tax credits and provided a very wealthy guarantor. Homelet wouldn't touch her with a barge pole but then homelet didn't meet her and see that she was a hard working individual working hard to get herself out of a hole (she did pull on the heart strings a bit). and the landlord accepted her. OF COURSE I should point out this was one refusal out of many which homelet refuse, usually for very good reason. You should be given the chance to decide yourself if homelet refuse however you must be prepared for risks if you allow a tenant who has been refused by homelet to take up a tenancy. (which by the sounds of your post you're not really up for taking risks at this time).

      Homelet do offer, along with their referencing services, a large range of insurances for both landlords and tenants. If you quote the scheme number of the agent you may get some discounts from them.



        Unfortunately after the last bad experience I don't want to take any chances. There is apparently another couple viewing the property today and to be truthful if their checks come back clear I would rather go with them.

        My question about the additional insurance is purely for peace of mind - once bitten as they say. I thought my last agent had carried out the correct checks and when it all fell apart that is when I found out they hadn't really queried anomolies on their applications - one of the tenants appeared to be living at 3 different addresses at the same time! They tried the old line about they couldn't let me see the paperwork for data protection purposes, when really it was to cover up the poor references received.


          Ask for the reference approval form from the letting agent, it'll show that they've passed Homelet's reference checks. I do this for all landlords to give them added peace of mind. I've never had to use the rent warranty cover, but have taken it out for a few of my landlords on request. Just check what their exclusions are and what the excess is.

          There's simply no excuse for an agent to to vet tenants thoroughly so make sure you see evidence that they've passed first, it'll be you who loses out otherwise!
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            I have just joined a new scheme for my referencing yesterday and was told that the tenant signs to say you can disclose their details to third parties to decide on the tenancy ...... he was sure that this included the LL - however he said you cant tell them verbally but they can read the referencing I havent looked into the legal side of this yet though......


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              by royw
              Really? I've been using it for a long time, ever since the EA tenant find service got me the tenant from hell. You do need to check them out throughly though and if you have a bad gut feeling about them choose someone else. The chance to do some digging in the guise of a friendly conversation when they...
              21-01-2022, 14:14 PM
            • Greetings, I Come in Peace
              by AVJ113
              Hello all, I am a prospective landlord. I will be arranging my first mortgage in principle today as a start to my evil buy-to-let empire. As a total newb, what would be the one piece of advice you would give after your years of experience as a landlord?
              20-01-2022, 07:24 AM
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              by Luke
              I have advertised there and it mainly seems to be people who Estate Agents want nothing to do with , unsuitable people trying their luck , dishonest people and people deliberately being fraudulent .
              Its the place where scammers go to find naïve new landlords .
              I recently had a prospective...
              21-01-2022, 14:00 PM
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              by Flashback1966
              Auction houses will set their reserve lower. I don't know if you need to declare to auction houses potential problems. You could always put in with an estate agents and then declare the problem. May be someone desperate to get on the housing ladder will put up with the problem.

              You will...
              21-01-2022, 13:57 PM
            • Auction or try to sell in an estate agent
              by Prospero
              During the last year or so, the mental health has deteriorated of the neighbour to my rental property. Two tenants have moved out due to the noise made by this person. After the first tenant moved out last year, I tried to sell the property, but the buyer withdrew when they heard that my neighbour was...
              20-01-2022, 18:01 PM
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              by Lawcruncher
              I think she probably does.There has been a change in the law since I stopped doing conveyancing. My understanding is that today you must disclose anything likely to affect a buyer's decision to proceed. However, I have no practical experience of how the law works in detail and that is why I suggested...
              21-01-2022, 13:40 PM
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              by jpucng62
              It doesn't matter where the money comes from its about income & affordability. Some benefits eg state pension give a guaranteed income, so this is really good source of income - you can't get sacked from your retirement!
              21-01-2022, 13:37 PM
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              by Turbine Terry
              The party not in power always makes bold and often hollow claims like this as they want the sound bite/headline and don't need to give any thought to unintended consequences or actually doing as they say. If the RRB (Renters Reform Bill) and EPC changes and more tax increases were all too severe it...
              21-01-2022, 13:23 PM
            • Labour taxation plans
              by steaming
              Rachel Reeves R4 this am told the interviewer that Labour (when in power) would raise money by taxing those with BTL property much more than at present, she opined it was wrong that “they” were “getting away with it”. No challenge from BBC or fact check as to present tax. You are warned.
              20-01-2022, 16:55 PM
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              by jpkeates
              The current prevailing form of capitalism, where the inequality between the few super rich people and everyone else is vast and growing is worse than the type of capitalism I grew up with.

              For the record, I don't think socialism is a viable way to run anything - but there's got to be a...
              21-01-2022, 13:09 PM