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    Eviction issues

    I have obtained a possession order and am expecting to have to instruct bailiffs to remove my tenant as they are unlikely to vacate the property when required.

    I have 3 questions:

    1) In the absence of an independent inventory check out commissioned by the tenant, what happens about issues such as meter readings and agreeing damage to the property? I am concerned that if I make a claim against the tenant for the repairs to the property the fact that there is no independent inventory check out will count against me.

    2) Is the small claims process the best way to recover unpaid rent and repairs of less than £1,000 in total after the security deposit? (Originally I served a section 21, i.e. possession is NOT on the grounds of non payment of rent).

    3) Anything else I should consider? After many years of letting this is my first eviction

    Many thanks

    trying to recover moneys post eviction

    sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but your chances of collecting are very roughly nil!

    if u have the tenants NI number this is a start to tracing them but dont hold your breath.


      The tenant has a business locally and I know where they are going to be living. Any other advice?


        thats great

        sue em for the rent dont worry about the damages, better to sue for what cannot be denied as being due. If you do get that money it will be a result


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