can the deposit be increased during a tenancy?

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    can the deposit be increased during a tenancy?


    I let out properties and a friend came to me with a predicament. I cant answer it though as I have never come across it!

    Basically, the property has been let to the same family for 9 years. The rent has been increased but the agent has asked to increase the deposit to match with the new rent amount plus they want to hold 6 weeks now instead of the original 4. Is this legal?

    Plus the agents never put the money in a deposit scheme when the scheme was introduced. Was this not suppose to happen last year? Or was it only for new tenants? I put all mine in schemes.....

    Hope someone can help!!

    If the initial deposit was taken when the tenancy started 9 years ago it does not need protecting.

    The idea of a deposit is to have something to fall back on if the tenant defaults. If the tenant has been a good one there cannot really be any justification for asking for an increase in the deposit.


      Thank you, That is what I thought! Plus the deposit is taken on the original terms of the contract not on what could happen during the time!!

      Its an agent that they have to deal with and not a very good one. Throughout the whole tenancy, they have had issues. I told them they should move and be done with it, but they cannot be doing with the hassle!!

      thank you again for your response


        the deposit does however need to be protected if a new tenancy has been signed since april 2007. If the original contract signed 9 years is still running on a periodic basis (month by month) then the deposit does not need to be protected however any increase in a deposit taken after this date would have to be.


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