Landlord wants money after we've left

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    Landlord wants money after we've left

    Hoping for a bit of advice.
    We moved out of our property two weeks ago and on our informal check out - nothing was signed - our landlord reported everything was fine and had no concerns.
    He contacted us yesterday and reports that there is mould in the washing machine and demanded that we pay for it.
    We explained that this can be normal and we managed it through regular maintenance washes as advised.
    He is being a bit unreasonable and will not consider this.
    We didn't have our contract renewed when the last one, through the letting agent, ran out and he never arranged to take our deposit so he is unable to with hold that.
    However, we are reasonable people and feel that if we do owe him something we will pay for it but are unsure where we stand.
    Any ideas?

    Hang on - be a bit clearer with your post.
    1. Was the deposit protected?
    2. If there is no inventory he has no chance of recovering anything from you.
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


      Sorry, the deposit was initially protected with the agency, when our contract was up for renewal the landlord didn't want to go through the agency and was happy to have the arrangement between ourselves. The letting agents returned full deposit to us and he never requested it back. We never signed another contract and stayed at the property for another year and then he gave us verbal notice.


        sounds like the deposits been returned.....?

        I would advise your LL - you moved out 2 weeks ago, assume the property has been vacant, the weather has been very hot, humid, clammy.

        Moisture, heat, washing machine = hot house for bateria, so whereas I'm sure you'd love to help him out your not obligated to.


          Originally posted by Monkey01 View Post
          . The letting agents returned full deposit to us and he never requested it back. We never signed another contract and stayed at the property for another year and then he gave us verbal notice.
          I think he better quit while hes ahead


            Thanks for the responses, unfortunately we have already gone down the 'a closed washing machine door for 2 weeks and hot environment will tend to increase mould growth' path. He says he's had washing machines for 30 yrs and never seen mould before and demands a replacement. We were thinking of offering £150 but not accepting responsibility as we don't think he's going to let up.


              That jolly decent of you. However he has no claim. you have the deposit. the property was checked out and satisfactory. The letting agent would not have released the deposit without his permission if he was attending his own move out. Plus that is the actual cause. What he should do is set it to run on the 90 wash with some calgon and that should sort it. Not sure why you would offer £150. You can buy a new machine for £170 and it certainly doesnt require that.


                Do you know how far he is prepared to take it? I'd imagine the sum is too small for it to be worth taking you to court over and he'd need to prove that the washing machine did not have a mould problem before you moved in.

                Out of interest, how long did the verbal notice give you? As it seems like it was a statutory periodic tenancy, he should have given you 2 months and I'm pretty sure verbal notices are not valid.


                  No verbals not valid

                  i doubt he would take him to court for a bit of mould in a washing machine, have you even seen it?


                    No, he only gave us about 6 weeks verbal notice although he would have liked us to be out sooner.
                    We do know mould was a bit of a problem when we were there but we managed it fine and and were able to continue to use the machine with regular cleaning. we thought that this was normal.
                    I'm concerned that he's not going to let it go and the situation is becoming a bit intimidating.


                      Maybe you could offer him some advice in exchange for him leaving you alone.

                      6 weeks verbal notice, especially in conjunction with an attitude that suggests he wants you out asap, could be construed as illegal eviction...


                        Well he gave you invalid notice to vacate, he gave you a invalid notice period (2 months) and yes washing machines can suffer from mould - as you say its not great but we clean them and they are fine, then as they retain water at the bottom the nice warm environment makes a breeding ground for bateria and it gives off a stale smell.

                        This man should not be intimidating you, did he want to move back in himself or was he retaining it as a rental property


                          Thanks all, we'll have a think about what to do.
                          Probably better end it now...a bit paranoid he may be on landlord zone too.


                            Unlikely, if he was he would have know how to serve a valid notice.


                              I really don't think a bit of mould warrants a new machine anyway. Actually many people use liquid detergent now which doesnt contain the bleaching agents that keep mould at bay. After my washing machine started to get a little mouldy i discovered this on another internet forum.

                              Take out the drawer and give that a good clean first, then it might be then worth doing a couple of washes with a powder detergent and bleach (most washing machines have a compartment for this). This should sort the problem.

                              Mould can be removed and you should NOT be paying £150 for a new machine. Offer to do what i have suggested to give him a hand. If you are unsure whether the machine will accept bleach and the manual is lost, almost all are easily downloadable from the internet.

                              If you don't want to do this i'll happily go round and sort it out for £150!


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