Can i Evict b4 6 months in anyway??

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    Can i Evict b4 6 months in anyway??

    hi all

    Please can anyone just explain this to me!!

    I have tenants that have been ok for most of their individual 6 month tenancies.

    Recently, they have been argueing and it even got physical with police!

    I have tried to 'mediate' the best i can. (2nd time last night)!

    But i was wondering, ..

    I know i can serve a S21, (giving 2 months notice before end of tenancy). That bit is clear. ..But...

    1) Does it need to be signed by the tenant aswell ? ( i didnt think so)!
    2) Is there no way (other than court eviction order) go get them out before the End of Tenancy ? ( if it came to that)
    3) Can i get them out (even with order) before the end of tenancy at all??

    Im quite friendly with my tenants and know my professional boundries as they do same time...however..was just wondering if it came to this..was it possible to get anyone out before the end of the agreed 6 months in anyway!

    Many thanks for your help everyone, in advance.


    1. No it doesnt, but you may need to prove that the tenant recieved it, so a signature, if you can get one would be great, otherwise look for the thread on this board that talks about sending from 2 different PO's and recieve a reciept.

    2. No

    3. You could go for a section 8. The grounds of which you will need to look at that most suits your situation. To be honest, by the time you are able to serve the notice, take it to court and get a decision, you probably wished you had just served a S21 and weathered the storm.


      The simplest way is to get one of them to agree to move out.

      If you agree not to charge them etc, because they are leaving before the end of the fixed term maybe one of them will be glad to get out of there, and hopefully it's the one with the mouldy food.


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