Tenant damaged brand new cooker after only 5 days into the tenancy!!

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    Tenant damaged brand new cooker after only 5 days into the tenancy!!

    Hi, I am a newbie LL. I just went to my flat 5 days after new tenant moved in and the new tenant pointed out that he has burnt 2 knobs of the cooker! I could not believe it since the cooker is not even 2 months old!
    It is a cheap £200 gas cooker (Beko SG562W) and basically there is a guard that you attach to the grill door to protect the knobs from the heat when using the grill. The tenant said he used this but pulled the guard off to take the food out and the knobs started melting straight away.
    I think this may be a slight lie but at least he was honest enough to point out the damage to me.
    I said I will ring the manufacturers since under guarantee but don’t think this will be covered so should I charge him for damage and if so do it at the end of the tenancy and take it out of his deposit or what? Please advise

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