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    Tenancy commencing at noon

    Hi all

    I recall that some time ago there was some discussion of the implications for the dating of section 21 notices (amongst other things) where the tenancy agreement specifies a start time for the tenancy - usually 12 noon.

    Unfortunately I can't find the relevant thread(s). Can anyone remember where to find the discussion?


    I think is still remains that the commencement day and last day of an AST start at the very beginning and the end of those days respectively no matter when a tenant takes up occupation or leaves. You'll find what you want in the search facility by putting in keywords. Remember a S.21 Notice does not actually end a tenancy anyway if you're thinking along the sames lines about a tenant vacating at 12 noon.
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      Hi Preston

      Good to see you back!

      is this the discussion you mean?
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