Help please - LL not refunding deposit

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    Help please - LL not refunding deposit

    What can one do if a landlord refuses to return your deposit after you have left the property because of damp/mold affecting your health?

    A six month lease was entered into in May 2004 which expired in October 2004 which then reverted to a month to month rental. The agents were notified that the condensation adn dampin the house was becoming unbearable and starting to affect the health of the tenants. The agents supplied a dehumidifier in December. From December 2004 until 12 March 2005 90 litres of water was extracted from the dehumidifier. The tenants gave notice on 24th February that they would vacate the premises on 31 March 2005 and also gave the reasons as being mold and damp and saying that the landlord would need to fix the problem. It was so bad that the clothes cupboard was mouldy and the tenants clothes and shoes had gone mouldy as well.

    When the keys were handed back photographs and a letter explaining the reson for early departure were given to the agent who was really shocked at the state of the damp. The tenants bed, bookshelf, clothes etc were all damaged by mould.

    Now the landlord refuses to return the deposit because they did not give a full two months notice. What can be done?

    small claims court.


      And just to clarify matters further, unless your original AST specified that two months notice was required from the tenant if they wished to leave, a tenant only has to give one month's notice that they intend to do so. as Zoe says:

      Any information given in this post is based on my personal experience as a landlord, what I have learned from this and other boards and elsewhere. It is not to be relied on. Definitive advice is only available from a Solicitor or other appropriately qualified person.


        Tenants don't have to give 2 months notice but just 1 month when it's a periodic tenancy.

        Write a letter giving the LL a certain delay (7 - 14 days) to refund the deposit or you'll take him to court.
        And if he doesn't send it back, as Zoe says: small claims court


          Oh yes, forgot to add -

          The landlord wouldn't extend lease as they were putting the place on the market again which they were only told after they had been living there a few months. The gas fire was not allowed to be used due to no ventilation in the lounge - the only thing you could open was the outside door. (only mentioned after the lease was signed - when they asked the agent on viewing the place he said it was fine) very handy in winter!

          They had prospective buyers traipsing through the house continuously. They were called anytime of the day to say that someone would be viewing in a few hours. Never did the tenants complain. They tried to be as flexible as possible. One agent even phoned while driving down the street - oh they were in the area could they pop in to view?

          One agent said 'how she was expected to sell the place with all their stuff in it was beyond her!!!!!'


            All this wouldn't add any weight in the balance. The deposit is due back, that's final.

            If the tenants put up with the viewings and stuff, they can't complain now they are out. They could have refused the viewings at the time but now it's just a bitter memory, no more no less.

            The best way to do it is be "professional", stick to the point.


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              by KTC
              A periodic tenancy will only arise if the tenant stays beyond the end of the fixed term. Without a time machine, you don't know if that'll happen yet.

              A s21 notice does not end a tenancy, it merely allows the landlord to go to court for an order for possession. The tenancy will end earlier...
              02-04-2020, 08:38 AM
            • New 3 month rule...
              by Piptrees
              From today (26 March 2020) landlords will have to give all renters 3 months’ notice if they intend to seek possession (i.e. serve notice that they want to end the tenancy) –

              My tenant had already given notice before 26th March that he wasn’t renewing his tenancy. If he can’t move...
              01-04-2020, 17:05 PM
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              by patrick27
              Just looks they’re stating the facts from where I’m sitting!...
              02-04-2020, 08:37 AM
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              At the worst possible time, I recently heard from my agent that my tenant had given notice and is due to move out next week.

              The question is: can they move out during lockdown and, if they can, what government help is available to me as the landlord as it is unlikely I will get a new tenant...
              02-04-2020, 05:41 AM
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              by jpucng62
              Hamilton & Snorkerz - how about we dial down the negativity! GaugeBoson asked a question and hoped for an answer not a slap in the face!

              No-one knows other peoples situations so don't be so quick to judge.

              In the current climate we all need a little more kindness.
              02-04-2020, 07:58 AM
            • Reply to COVID-19: Contract questions
              by Snorkerz
              Agree with KTC

              As far as I can see, no tenancy currently exists, though the OP mentions 3 of the 4 sharers living with parents but doesn't mention if the 4th is in the rental property or elsewhere.

              In which case, penguinsforhands and his co-tenants do need to reimburse the...
              02-04-2020, 07:49 AM
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              Hi all, first time posting here and I would really appreciate some thoughts from landlords and tenants alike. Bit of a long one, I'm sorry!

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              by Piptrees
              So technically I could serve an S21 mid April giving 3 months notice for mid July even though AST ends mid May and tenancy would be periodic for 2 months?...
              02-04-2020, 07:42 AM
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              by Yus
              Thanks for the replies

              Of course I'm not in a rush to get it fixed, was just wondering if its the landlords legal right to fix it. First ever house I've rented so will not be making the mistake again.

              The door separates the kitchen and the living room so a bit of an inconvenience...
              02-04-2020, 07:37 AM
            • Internal door not shutting, legal responsibility to fix?
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              Hi guys sorry if this is the wrong forum

              Im a tenant that has recently moved into a house through an agency

              I requested for an internal door to be fixed before moving in, was told that it will be fixed (over the phone by the agency) and when we moved in the landlord claimed...
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