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    Loft Ladders


    Im currently preparing my home property for rental to make it safe and low maintenance.

    The existing loft ladders are in need of replacement. Normally I would probably go to B&Q get some ladders and fit them myself.

    However considering that these will likely to be used by my future tenants then there is scope for accidents for which I don't want to be responsible for.

    Can anyone advise on how to approach this professionally. ie do i need to find a ltd company with insurance and get them to supply and fit the ladders.

    The loft itself isn't fully boarded which makes me wonder if Im opening up problems by even allowing access to the loft. The boiler is up there so occasionaly maintenance will be required.

    Any advice appreciated

    I would specifically exclude the loft in the tenancy agreement, and fix a discreet lock to the hatch. Most people looking for a rental property aren't even going to wonder if the loft is included or not.


      Originally posted by tripper View Post
      The loft itself isn't fully boarded which makes me wonder if Im opening up problems by even allowing access to the loft. The boiler is up there .
      Suggest you keep your rental to the rooms only, stating the loft is off limits, and you are not renting them the loft, and they don't have permission to enter the loft, except in emergencies for boiler problems ( to switch it off ), and you know if you allow loft space, they then want access, they want you to put floorboards in, and electric lights, then a window, and a sink for their guests ! ( I'm not joking, have seen it on here ! ) )

      But assume there is a safety switch accessable in a room to fully switch off the boiler ?

      You dont say if the ladder is an automatic one that you pull a chord, and it comes down, or there are ladders in a spare room, to access the loft.

      Stand alone ladders, you just need some decent ones. Or better still, do not supply any ladders at all, therefore no safety issues, and the gas man has to bring his own, as they will be told they need a ladder.
      High step ladders stored somewhere, for the gas man to use may suffice, but someone may have better advice on here if they have come accross the same problem ( Ladders only )



        Thats a no

        replace them and lock it up, the plumber can always force it in an emergency, and check the loft on regular inspections.

        I can guarentee you that if you let them have it it will be full of toot.

        Roof joists are NOT required to take storage loads so even if it is boarded out you can end up with distortion lateral movement and a big hole!

        You do need adequate light and safe access and working area to and from any tanks so that a plumber can work however. These are now a business and the rules are different to a family home.
        Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


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