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    problem evicting tenants

    Tenants are currently in arrears of approx £4000, we have served them their 2 months notice to vacate the property. I dont even want the £4000 I just want them out.

    Today I have received a letter from the housing association stating a complaint has been made by the tenant that numerous amounts of works are needed on the property.

    Never have our tenants informed us of this extensive list, only when asked to vacate the property have they mentioned these, the fact they owe us so much money is probably why they have never had the cheek to mention them and im sure they have caused the damage themselves to make me look bad.

    We bought the property with them as sitting tenants in 2007 and have had problems with rent from day one, we have been so lenient with them, stupidly, we should never have let this go on so long. But now they owe us so much money and it is just getting more and more.

    We need some advice regarding the notice from the council, will this mean we cant evict them until we get the work done? They are due to move out on the 9th August.

    We have no problem getting the works done for when we eventually hopefully get respectful, paying tenants but not whilst they are there, why should we do the work when they are living in OUR property rent free, and half the damage has been caused by them losing their keys and fighting in the property.

    I just cant believe they owe me £4000 and I dont even want the money back and they are doing this to me, its got my back up so much Im thinking well should I try and claim the rent back now and be just as awkward as them, Im sure no other lanlord would have been so lenient with them, It just shows that being nice doesnt get you anywhere.

    Hoping for some advice regarding the letter from housing


    Tell the council to forward the written requests informing you about the repairs, and carry on with the eviction process.

    It has no baring on the eviction.
    You are still responsible for the repairs, but don't rush.
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      Are you evicting under section 8 or section 21? If 21 - why?

      The repairs shouldn't affect the eviction, but once you have the list of repairs, as suggested by thesaint, work out a schedule to get them done. You are going to need to get them done, so may as well do it now while tenants are in situ - it will save time on re-letting, and will help if the tenants do try to turn it into a 'defence'.

      Have you done periodic inspections of the property while the tenants have been there? Have these revealed any repairing issues?

      Do not expect your tenants to go on the 9th unless you have a court order. The council housing people will have told them they are within their rights to stay until you do get an order - and beyond.


        Hello and thanks for both of your replies...

        thesaint, I have a list of the works they want me to complete already in my possession, its a relief to hear that it hopefully wont stop me evicting them, although like snorkerZ said they may use it against me in court if it goes to court. My concern is though if we the works done now what if they ruin it to get back at us, I also don't want them to think they have got the better of us, these people owe me £4000 in rent, I think they have a cheek, especially when I don't even want the £4000 I just want them out, maybe they don't realise this??

        Snorkerz... I had a solicitor send them section 21, I dont know why, that was just what was recommended as they owe so much over such a long time.

        so what do you think my next step should be then? should I ring the housing officer who sent me this letter and see if he actually knows how much money these tenants actually owe me, or will I just be wasting my time? shall I go straight back to my solicitor? whats likely to happen now?

        Sorry for all the questions , I must learn about all this incase of any future troubles.




          Oh its a section 21 assured shorthold tenancy: notice requiring possession if that means anything ...


            hi sorry to hear about this. Probably worth making sure the council tax people know they are due to leave 9 aug so they can go after any arrears. I am no expert but I think I read the LL can be liable for T arrears if T made false declarations for exemption.

            At least then yr liability is capped at the 4k arrears not an extra bill for unpaid council tax.


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