T already in arrears- how to evict?

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      Sorry for starting 2 threads.

      I have issued the tenant with a Section 8 on grounds 8,10 & 11.

      What do I do now - do I have to sit and wait until the 14 days are up? Or do I keep going round to see if she has moved on.

      Also how do I know if she has moved out as curtains are always shut she never answers the door and has also changed the locks and has changed her mobile number

      I can't believe the stress she is causing me. It's amazing that people like this have so many rights. There should be a black list for people like this as I know she will just move on and do it again.

      Very Angry Landlord


        Yes. Wait for the notice to expire. Do not keep going round there as that could be classed a harassment.

        You could ask a neighbour to let you know if anything is happening.

        If nothing happens, as soon as the notice expires apply for a possession hearing.
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          Don't even rely on T moving-out; she might do that, wait for you to re-enter, herself return, and then claim that you re-entered during her tenancy.

          Best way to proceed: whether or not T vacates, get a Court Order.
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            Thanks for all the information.


            This evening have had a call from police about another incident at the property.

            This is now the 6th incident!! Noise, anti-social behavior etc etc. Tenant has moved her boyfriend into the house now and the police confirm that he is well known to them - as the policewoman said - he's a nasty piece of work.

            Tomorrow I have to speak to the Housing Enforcement Officer to see if there is anything we can do to speed up procedure, but I am not holding out any hope. The neighbours are all up in arms about the constant trouble.

            The police are going to visit her again this evening and they are going to put some pressure on her by doing random visits - although what good that will do I don't know as she doesn't answer the door. Maybe she will get fed up and move on (fingers crossed).

            Just finding this situation so bizarre as she is the person in the wrong but she has all the rights - only in the UK hey!!

            Maybe the end is in sight!!

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