Can one of the two joint owners serve Notice on T?

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    Can one of the two joint owners serve Notice on T?

    Can anybody assist in what NTQ is required to serve on an unlawful resident in a residential property?
    My wife was a co-signee as "joint tenant" on a property conveyance,and now the other two co-signees are deceased she wishes,hard as it may sound,to evict her mother from the property as she no longer has a lawful right to reside there,as one of the deceased co-signees was her husband,and as the conveyance does not form any part of his estate she refuses to move out.CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!!

    1. Was legal ownership held by your wife (W) jointly with the other two owners (O2 and O3)?
    2. They are deemed to have been trustees. Were they holding the property on trust for themselves:
    a. jointly ['beneficial joint tenants']; or
    b. separately ['beneficial tenants in common']?
    3. In case 2b, was there a Trust Deed? If so, what did it say about T's right to remain in residence?
    4. By what means did T take-up residence? Was a Tenancy Agreement granted? If so, by whom?
    5. What happened to the Estates of O2/O3? Did W inherit them by Will or on intestacy?
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