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    p.s. Go to a specialist landlord and tenant solicitor; you need someone who fully understands the breach[es] of contract/quiet enjoyment/exclusive possession.


      OK thanks for all the advice - off to find a solicitor - any suggestions for Torquay ?

      Once bitten twice shy about the interior - never had a problem before.


        Sadly this is not the 1st time this sort of thing has happened...

        My youngest got involved in a flat as 1 of 3 joint-and-severally....

        He sent me tenancy agreement to check...

        Suffice to say Landlord was one of the very biggest high-street banks, and a bank branch was on ground & 1st floor in central London: Agent a big one, allegedly "reputable"..

        Tenancy had more holes in it & questionable, challengeable clauses than a fan-dancer's fish-nets (no offence to any posting fan-dancers - but pls PM me with your details...) etc. etc. No doubt agent charge LL for this quality work, as well as tenants I suspect.

        The property was described as "The Address" (e.g. "14 High Street"). I pointed out to son they should sign then demand quiet enjoyment of the strongroom ...

        In the end the tenants ignored the situation and nowt got done...

        Now, with the decision to drop any regulation of agents taken by the ConDems we must conclude these problems are simply rare & isolated hiccoughs in an otherwise unblemished profession...


        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          Originally posted by dmsims View Post
          OK thanks for all the advice - off to find a solicitor - any suggestions for Torquay ?
          To get a good one you may have to extend your Google search to beyond the immediate vicinity.


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