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    HA Tenacy problem


    I'll have a friend who at this moment is "squatting" in his HA home.

    Breif outline: Joint tenancy in LHA for over 10 yrs. His partner left him Aug 2009. She went into a refuge and was advised by their Sols that she would only be able to get LHA home if she terminated her current tenancy agreement which she did. Friend got letter through door saying that he was to hand back keys. Spoke to Shelter who advised that any one tenant in a JT can terminate but what he could do is to ask if he can take on TA for himself. He approached the LHA and asked this (they'd sent NTQ in mean time). He stated that as he had access to his kids and that are boy 11 girl 9 could he keep 2 bed property as he does have them weekends.

    As far as I know the HA had told him no he couldn't keep property as it was too big for his needs but they had a duty to rehouse him. (Shelter confirmed this).

    Since then he hasn't heard a word from the LHA. Because his TA was cancelled he can't pay rent as he has no "account number". The LHA rents department have also told him this on several occassions and that he has to wait to hear from housing dept.

    This has been going on since Feb. He's not paying rent and really doesn't know what to do or where he stands.

    He's not in a very stable frame of mind as due to ex and keeps getting passed around to the point that he has now given up.

    I think I've covered everything and would be greatful if anyone had any ideas?


    Well, he's still a tenant. What's the problem, as long as he puts aside enough to pay the eventual demand for rent falling due but not yet demanded?
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