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    Moving a regulated tenant

    Hi I have purchased a property which has a regulated tenant currently living in it. The property I purchased has a shop downstairs, two floor flat above with seperate land behind. My intention is to build on the property behind and renovate the property above the shop becuase it is in ruins and then so my parents could move in. The current sitting tenant lives above the shop and has done for sometime. With the regulated tenant in place trying to get a morgage for the work I intend to carry out is a very difficult task. Rather then paying the tenant a obscene amount of money I have offered him a flat in the building i own next door which is a brand new flat. If they refuse to move do I have any sort of case in court in order to get them to move. I don't want to get rid of the tenant which would be great just get them to move so I can raise money and further develope the property.

    thanks in advance

    Do you know all about 'Regulated' tenants? The word has a specific technical meaning.
    You might alternatively be using it loosely to mean that T has a tenancy under another code of statutory protection. When did it start, anyway?
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