is there a time limit?

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    is there a time limit?

    hi there
    We have moved out of our rented property.We cleaned out the whole house and even took pictures of the property.We have never been in arrears.The LL even sent a representative who was a family member of his] to check the house and agreed that it looked better that his family members had ever kept it. Now the LL has refused to give us the deposit claiming they had paid some utility bills when we first moved in.[they had insisted they did not want us to change the names on the bills except].We have asked for exact amounts but nothing has been given.

    He says there is a torn sofa which they will charge £350 for [the chair was not brand new and had a throw on the seat of the chair , which we discovered was torn after we moved in]. we have called the LL but he says he owes us nothing and does not want us to call. We told him we would have to because he owed us money, he started shouting saying if we ever call him again he will call the police! we politely told him to call whom ever he wanted but we wanted our money,he said 'thats it thats a threat! and he hang up the phone' being a bit miffed we called him back to send us an itemised list of what he is claiming the deposit for. He didnt pick his phone so we had to text him.We moved out on the 17th of March an have not heard from him there a time limit for which we have to give me before taking further action?What action would we be looking at, it is straight to a county court?He has moved to Ireland.

    We do not have a forwarding address as he has moved from the address on the agreement.Though he had a solicitor, once we gave them the keys, the solicitor said they dont represent our LL so we should contact him directly but we dont have his address!We have contacted our previous agents but they too have no forwarding address for the LL.The agreement just says, AGENT TAKES DEPOSIT ON BEHALF OF LL TO SECURE TANANTS PERFORMANCE...
    Please help.

    I hate to say this but it is pretty clear to me your landlord is going to retain your deposit come what may as he knows you will find it difficult to take action agaionst him if he is now in Ireland. He's just making life awkward without any proper basis and will probably do it to the next tenant, and could have done the same to your predecessor.

    The one thing you can do however is serve any papers concerning court proceedings to his last known address in the UK; you could also make sure it is sent to the property you rented as well as he is of course the owner, and any new tenant might want to know the problem you've had. They might also have the landlord's new address in Ireland although serving court papers there is nigh impossible.

    The land registry is a source of all property owners in the UK and for a small fee of about £2 you can find out the legitimate owner of any property on line. I think! or ? Someone might correct me on this.
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


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