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    Tenant needs help!

    Sorry if I have posted this on the wrong board - bit confused as to where to post.

    Bit of a long story but will be as brief as I can. Myself and my husband came out of the pub trade 2 years ago, rented a house for 12 months - lovely no bother!! Landlord sold the house tho!! So then we rented another property 12 months ago. Serious damp issues, water leaking, roof leaking, hole in the bath, not heating in main living area. Walked away after 6 months arguing with letting agent and landlord.

    Found a second property, it's ok, but again some small problems, grill disconnected due to being broken, fire disconnected due to being unsafe, gas oven door not closing properly (5 hours to cook a chicken!!), taps in the bathroom not working properly. All reported to letting agent, nothing has been done in 6 months. My mum was my guarantor but she's now asking to be taken off after a family row. I have been 6 days late with my rent once, due to Child Tax credit stopping and restarting my claim but I could prove the money was due in a letter from the benefits agency.

    I have been trying to get council housing but you all know how hard that is.

    So, I'm posting for a bit of help. I'm obviously going to be given notice to quit due to having no guarantor. We dont have a good credit rating after leaving the pub business, although we dont owe any money in connection with this but we did have 'issues' with the pub company but this is now all settled. I dont know anyone else who will act as guarantor for me. I'm not happy with the way both of the letting agents we have used have 'shafted' us when repairs need doing. I'm also not happy that the fee you pay to the letting agent is usually in excess of £200, they say it's for a credit check but we tell them we will fail the credit check!!! I just want a good landlord. I know there are bad tennants, and bad letting agents and bad landlords!! But there are also good tennants. good letting agents and good landlords. I'm thinking about trying to find another property without going through a letting agent - dealing direct with the landlord! Firstly, I have got no idea where to start! I've always found our homes via Nestoria etc., and I've tried looking in the local paper but it's not proving fruitfull.

    So .. I'm asking the questions ......

    Is it a good idea to deal with this direct with a landlord or better via a letting agent?

    Where to look for a property without going through a letting agent? Have tried local papers and stuff, but not having much luck! Also tried a few websites I found but finding it hard to find anything in the area we need to live.

    Sorry for the ramble. Bit stressed at the mo. Having tests on my heart at the hospital and stuff, and this just aint helping!! All's I want is a decent home for me, hubby and our 3 teenagers!! I have never ever left a property needing repair, we always leave them nice and clean, often cleaner than I have found them!

    Many thanks!

    N x

    Firstly, mum can't stop being a guarantor - so don't worry about not having one!

    How long was your current contract for? When does it end?

    Gas oven sounds like a safety issue, see here... http://www.hse.gov.uk/GAS/domestic/faqtenant.htm

    Have you spoken to the landlord about the repairs, or has it all been done through the agent? Sometimes agents add their own layer of red-tape which can cause problems. If you haven't spoken to the landlord, try. If you don't have his details - ask in writing, the agency have to supply this info.

    Otherwise, look at this page about getting repairs done, it might help you make the best of your current situation... http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_ad...n_private_lets


      Thank you for replying. Mum has been told by the letting agent she does not have to be guarantor after my original 6 month tennancy ends - and that's up and the end of this month (JULY). I've been 'accused' by the letting agent of being annoying about the repairs. I forgot to add that there is also a problem with the cooker extraction hood which fell out when we were doing the handover when we first moved in. I have phoned them maybe 3 times and emailed twice. 4 weeks ago, they phoned and said the landlady was getting a plumber in to do the sink repair and they would get back to me when they had heard from her. To date, I've heard nothing. Obviously my relationship with the LA is now going to be strained, and after my mum has called them and told them she no longer wishes to be guarantor it's not going to be any better, I do know where the landlady lives. I also know that I'm getting a lot of mail from banks/building societies/etc in her maiden name. No one has told me that the mail is for her, and she has had all her mail re-directed that is in her 'married' name, and orginally I was sending the mail 'return to sender' as I didn't know who the mail was for in her maiden name!! Lets just say I got a right royal rollocking for that!!! I'm honestly not bothered about moving out now, I think myself and my husband would prefer to! But we cannot find a decent house we can afford in our area via a good letting agent!! Tired of it all to be honest. Feeling very low and tearful.


        forgot to add thank you for the links ..... will check them out with my hubby!! xx

        Edited because forgot to add ...... we are worried about stirring things up and then LA/LL then giving us notice to quit. It took us a long time to find this house and it was the best of a bad lot!!

        Anyone got a 3 bed house they want to rent out in Horwich??????? ;o)


          Originally posted by nicola121 View Post
          we are worried about stirring things up and then LA/LL then giving us notice to quit.
          Okay, not much help - but background info...

          If you are given notice to quit, it will be under section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act. What will happen is that you will be given 2 months notice that the landlord intends to apply for possession - check you haven't already been given this with the original tenancy agreement - its sneaky, but it happens. If you don't go within the 2 months or at the end of your fixed term (whichever is later) (you don't have to) the landlord will have to go to court to get a possession order - this will take 4/6 weeks. If you ignore the possession order, he will need to get court bailiffs - which will take 2/4 weeks to organise.

          So, from getting notice, you will have at least 3, maybe 4 months before you HAVE to get out. Not ideal, but it does mean you will have time to organise an alternative.


            I know about that .. but if I go down that road .... what chance have I got of another landlord renting to us via a letting agent!! I know I wouldn't be keen taking on a tenant who had been previously evicted from another property. I dont want to have to start seeking legal advice, I just want to find a home!


              Get on the phone to your local council and ask to speak to the Private Sector Housing Team, they'll give you all the advice and support that you need.


                Did that with the last property we rented ....... they advised to go down the same route of eviction and if I was unable to find another property they would provide us temp. accomodation for 28 days then we would be on our own.

                To be totally honest, I'm just tired and frightened. I just want to find a decent landlord who wants a decent tennant!!


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