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    Serving a section 21 notice does not force the tenant to leave. You need to obtain a court order. This will take 4/6 weeks.

    Download form N5b from the courts website and submit it today.

    Before doing so, would you like some advice to check if your s21 notice was valid?

    In the meantime, don't be homeless - use the rent (which you wouldn't be getting if the tenant had left) to rent somewhere for your family.



      Can you imagine the cheek of this tenant. Refusing to accept even one months rent and one months deposit. I think he is after council accomodation. Do you think the council will help him.


        Can anyone please advise whether I have to start possession proceedings the day after the s.21 has expired? The tenant now informs me that he will be leaving at the end of the month and has somewhere to go. I don't want to spend out £150 starting court proceedings if he then leaves a few days later, particularly as I know I will never recover that £150 off the tenant.

        What are the implications of waiting 10 days after the notice expires to see if he does go? I know some agents serve a s.21 at the start of a tenancy 'just in case', so presumably this is the same kind of thing?



          You can delay if you want - however, many tenants will make claims in the hope of delaying the start of proceedings, hence getting even more days free rent.

          Before agreeing, ask him to give you written notice and proof of his new accommodation.

          notice will allow you to charge double rent if he doesn't go AND
          proof will give you his new address to pursue for missing rent etc.

          No proof - no extension.


            Ive got a dilemma and should appreciate readers' advice.

            The tenant of an AST seems to have done a bunk having, it seems, sub-let the premises to a motley collection of some four 'sharers'. Needless to say the tenancy agreement prohibits sub-letting.

            The premises have been altered in breach of the tenancy agreement, with a partition put up in the sitting room so as to create four bedrooms out of a three bedroom flat!

            Rent is now six weeks in arrear. There was a six week rent depo, protected with one of the insured schemes.

            One of these assorted sub-tenants whom we met when attending says our tenant is long gone and he would like to take a tenancy in his own name.

            Can't quite decide what to do so as to regularise matters and crucially to the landlord, minimise loss of rent. He is coming to see us on monday. Ideas? Strategy?


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