T leaves without notice; how does L pursue T/guarantor?

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    T leaves without notice; how does L pursue T/guarantor?

    I came across a company some time ago who specialises in this kind of thing.

    I am basically going to pursue the gurantor for the 1 months rent they owe.

    Has anyone got any advice on the best course of action?


    Forget the company you came across - almost certainly a complete waste of money.

    Step 1: send the guarantor and/or ex-tenant a 'letter before action' advising them of the outstanding debt, give details of the period it relates to, etc, so that they know exactly what you are asking for and why, and give a deadline to pay, two weeks' hence. Keep a copy of the letter and get a *free* certificate of posting (which proves delivery - do not use a signed for service as letters may be refused or go undelivered).

    Step 2: if no payment received by the deadline, issue a claim against the guarantor and/or ex-tenant via Money Claim Online. You will need the home address of the defendant(s).

    Unless the sum claimed is over £5,000 the claim will be allocated to the small claims track, which is designed for litigants-in-person, i.e. people representing themselves without a solicitor. Court fees are low and are added to the claim, so you get them back if you win.

    I also recommend you buy a book on the small claims procedure; there are a few on Amazon.



      Thanks for your help.


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