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  • Help with Inventory question

    Hi i hope someone can help with this. We are leaving a property we have been in for one year. The contract was for two years and a one year break clause. The flat we are renting had an inventory clerk inspect the property before we moved in. We have mutually agreed with the landlord that we would do his own inventory of his property once we have left with both him and us present. The letting agent that let us the property has stuck his oar in and said we cannot do this and that the inventory clerk must do the checkout. I don't quite understand this as number 1: It is the landlords property, number 2: In almost all likelihood the same letting agent will not be letting the property, so where is the vested interest?

    Who is right here? I would appreciate any opinions. Thanks.

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    It is not your problem!

    The agent may have a clause in his contract with the LL specifying that agent must do the check-out inventory (no doubt so he can sting the LL for a silly fee), but it need not concern you. Let the LL and his agent fight it out.
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      The only reason i have a problem is because i have to pay for the checkout and i would like to avoid that if possible.


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        Tell the LL to check his contract with the agent and see what, if anything, it says about compulsory inventory check-outs. If there is nothing, then LL should tell agent to get lost.

        Speaking as a LL, I certainly wouldn't agree to let my agent dictate whether I had a check-in/out done or not, or to dictate which inventory clerk to use.

        I didn't bother with a check-out recently, as I could see with my own eyes that the property was in good condition, the T had been very good throughout, and I saw no reason for her to have to pay £100 for the check-out when I had no intention of claiming any deductions from the deposit.


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          Thanks for the reply jp....
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        • Reply to Deposit at the end of AST. Also, quiet enjoyment.
          Makes sense - if the tenancy agreement doesn't say you have to let him and a surveyor in, his only right of access is with 24 hours written notice for the purpose of viewing the "condition and state of repair" of the property.

          So you can simply decline or make your point.
          21-07-2017, 18:23 PM
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          I'm not trying to claim for breach of quiet enjoyment. He wants to be in again with a surveyor to use his property as security for something. I am going to let him I just want to remind him and have all the facts. Sorry if I didn't explain it right.

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