Must L change bulb, fix oven? Charge T for goods storage?

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    Originally posted by Snorkerz View Post
    No quicker, and they are known to make mistakes (due to volume?). S21 is reasonably straightforward and does not usually involve a court hearing. You can get advice on here regarding the paperwork.

    Most ASTs make the tenant responsible for your legal costs - check your own.
    yes the ast does make them responsible I just think that they are in total denial that they need to move I dont think they have even started looking after almost 2 months. hubby has an appointment tomorrow with solicitor so I am just wondering if one letter prior to dropping the papers in on monday might do the trick (but there again pigs might fly!)
    i am right in thinking that if we do have to go to court the judge can only award a further stay of a maximum of 6 weeks.
    if that is the case i might have a problem being homeless myself can the judge take this into consideration plus any costs if we had to find temp accommodation & storage fees?
    it seems like we are totally in the wrong & have to attend to their needs before our own!!


      here we go again
      Latest is tenant has spoken to council housing claiming its a maintenance issue although ast clearly states its tenants responsiblity to keep appliances in good order!

      do we just pay then deduct from deposit ?

      i am now begining to wonder if they are trying to delay the inevitable & get the council to house them as ithey think it would be cheaper in the long run!!
      BUT i assume the council wouldn't take pets and would that delay the eviction timescale which would leave me high & dry!!


        Not sure why you think it's fair that the tenant should pay for the repair of YOUR built-in oven? Unless they broke it deliberately of course.


          Originally posted by southeast lass View Post
          BUT i assume the council wouldn't take pets and would that delay the eviction timescale which would leave me high & dry!!
          Why do you assume that?
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            Originally posted by southeast lass View Post
            deposit protected all ok
            looks like we'll be going to court am already braced for that expense !
            Costs for eviction following section 21 are not that expensive. Ensure your paperwork is all in order before you issue.
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              well today is here off to court to pay my £150.00!!

              spoken to council who have confirmed temp accommodation no pets!!

              neighbours have said no movement of boxes or stuff from outside.

              Any ideas on Baillif costs for my poor savings to take another hit on!!


                I think bailiff costs are in the region of £100.
                I expect that you can ask at court when you are there.
                Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


                  many thanks


                    landlord expenses whilst awaiting to move out tenants & move in to house at last!

                    I have a home we are awiting to move into and by the looks of things I'll be the one looking for alternative accomodation!!
                    tenants out of ast already applied to court for possession court didn't tell us that there was a 10 day delay in getting the paperwork out as staff was sick!
                    no rent for almost 1 month so had to pay the mortgage plus the home we are selling ( due to complete within the next couple of weeks so think we'll be homeless. short of putting the furniture into storage & living from a b&b I dont know what to do.

                    we'll end up paying a mortage ,storeage, alternative acc whilst they are sitting nicely at my expense!!

                    can a judge take this into account as I am worried to death and the costs are horrendus . If push comes to shove I could stay at my parents but that would involve a 2 hour comute each way to work instead of 10 minutes

                    have i got to pick these expenses up or can they be passed on?

                    The kind soul of a tenant has employed a solicitor (not sure on what basis yet) but they dont have a leg to stand on.

                    Its amazing what you do in the wee small hours just googled their old address & you could fit 3 of their old place into mine and not even paying a market rent when they were paying it


                      Some of us won't let our property unless the tenants qualify for rent guarantee insurance and/ or provide a home owning guarantor.


                        Originally posted by subjecttocontract View Post
                        Some of us won't let our property unless the tenants qualify for rent guarantee insurance and/ or provide a home owning guarantor.
                        I wish it was that straight forward I let my heart rule my head after all I was trying to pay the mortgage in full every month until our family were ready to move which sadly hasn't been the case.
                        If I'd have known they had a bad credit rating I wouldn't have let it to them. Their previous landlord gave them a good reference etc paid on time etc .

                        The biggest question is IF we end up being homeless can we recharge the tenants as I dont want to be out of pocket even more!!!


                          it was to be c day tomorrow but it looks like I have a major problem!
                          solicitor who drew up the paperwork for the court didn't check all of it & there could be a 'technical error'!!
                          It could go either way.
                          what do i do if they haven't appealed do i go for it or have the more distressing wait of a further 2 months plus by which time my old house will have been sold & i am homeless. other half is hoping mad
                          i have spent the last 4 hours in tears dont these b****y people realise what they are doing I am sure they do!!
                          i'll end up in a tent at this rate & still be paying a mortgage


                            The Saga continues....

                            Well we now have a court date

                            It could go either way because of the admin error. if we dont get possession then it looks like our family are homeless plus other half cannot take much more
                            they claim that our statement of truth which we submitted to the court is a pack of lies which is not the case.
                            they even have a housing solicitor working free of charge on their behalf.

                            how can one keep going in these circumstances ?
                            i am at breaking point the kids totally upset all the time cannot understand why they cannot move in and other half threatening divorce!!

                            if the section 21 fails & we do another one with another 3 month wait what are the chances it wouldn't thrown out again? Other half keeps saying they will never leave & we'll just have to sell

                            I hate being a landlord especially as we are paying in excess of £400 per month to top up the mortgage payment


                              Originally posted by southeast lass View Post
                              I hate being a landlord
                              Do tell us who forced you into this hateful role.
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