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  • Gigabyte
    WHY don't these people just search the forums I hear you cry. Well I did and found this, which I shall be reminding the landlords of in a lovely email shortly.

    "LTA 1985 S.11(1) (b) to keep in repair and proper working order the installations in the dwelling-house for the supply of water, gas and electricity and for sanitation (including basins, sinks, baths and sanitary conveniences)"

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  • Gigabyte
    started a topic Disrupted Water Supply

    Disrupted Water Supply

    Hi guys. An unfortunate return to the forums for me, having had you help me through a nightmare a couple of years ago I wondered if I could get some advice this time round.

    Im a joint tenant on a 24month AST. I have been living in the property for 10months. The property is a converted Victorian end of terrace with one flat below (owner occupier) and our flat above. When I viewed the property I tried out the shower as this is an important aspect for me, and it was fine. However, after a couple of months of living in the property it became clear there were issues with the water supply to our flat.

    Basically, whenever downstairs use a tap, flush a toilet, have a bath, use their washing machine, it completely cuts off the water supply to our property. When it first began it ended up being just a dribble but over the past few months it has just cut the supply off completely. VERY annoying as it always seems to happen just as you put shampoo in your hair in the shower! It means we cant wash up or cook, and everytime the water stops so does the washing machine which needs to be reset. Its hugely annoying.

    Ive spoken to the neighbours downstairs who said it doesnt affect their supply if we are using water and so it would seem they couldnt really give a toss. They are a family with three small children so naturally they are using a lot of water which of course means we basically never have any!

    Its clear that when the property was split from a single unit into two, this issue was not sorted out. Its getting to the point where its completely unacceptable. Even if they just installed a tank which would allow us to actually shower that would be something.

    I have been complaining to the landlords, through the lettings agency for the past few months. A plumber has been out 3 times and each time we've got nowhere. Im guessing they are reluctant to fix it as its likely to be an expensive job. The best reply from the lettings agents so far has been "well the water pressure in your area is low anyway, its just one of those things" which I find completely unacceptable in a professional tenancy such as this one.

    Im just looking at my options now. I dont know what else to do/say its been dragging on for months and I just want a shower!!

    Is there some sort of legal issue in relation to supplying a property without running water? I cant find any explicit mention of water within the AST itself.


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