Bailiff Removes T - Can L discard of T's Belongings

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    Bailiff Removes T - Can L discard of T's Belongings

    As I understand when a tenant goes AWOL or dies L has an obligation to hold T's belongings for a period of set time (although this time is not clear to me - I assume 6 months).

    Does this still apply if the Bailiff removes T from property and T has been given oppertunity to carry out as many things as they can before L changes the locks?

    Yes it does - you must treat any goods left as coming under Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 see

    Only after making every reasonable effort to contact the evicted/departed tenant or in the case of death a relative and posting a notice on the door should you dispose of them - otherwise the tenant is likely to claim that the £2 coffee table you threw out is a Louis xvi antique and get legal aid to sue the pants off you and because you have lettable property, you wont qualify for legal aid to defend it.

    Store the stuff and make a daily charge.


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