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  • jeffrey
    Is it a fixed-term Assured Shorthold Tenancy, a Standard Assured Tenancy, or something else?
    For an AST/SAT, governed by the Housing Act 1988, T (= you) need give no notice at all if vacating when the fixed term expires. See s.5 of the Act.
    That's true no matter what the Letting Agreement stipulates.

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    started a topic FIXED TERM Notice Required.

    FIXED TERM Notice Required.

    Hi, I am T. and my 6 month fixed term is due up on the 6th July.

    I am unclear whether I should have given notice prior to the end of this agreement.

    EA has said that YES I should have given 4 weeks notice and that now I would be obligated to move over to the periodic (monthly) rental agreement for a period of a month after I have given notice now, but in the meantime he will seek to get another tenant.

    Everything I have looked at suggests that I do not have to give notice on a fixed term agreement but I think the "Notice to Quit" section of my agreement has got me.

    Any advice would be most welcome.

    I have pasted in the relevant section of the agreement.

    Option A – Fixed Period

    This Tenancy starts on (Day) 06 (Month) January (Year) 2010 and

    will be for a period of 6 (Six) Months

    Ending on (Day) 05 (Month) July (Year) 2010 (Fixed Period)
    (if neither party has given the other a valid notice to end the tenancy on or after the end of the fixed period) it will continue from Month to Month until ended by either party giving the other valid notice to end the tenancy. (See 'Other Provisions' for more information)

    Other Provisions.

    Notice to Quit

    The Landlord and Tenant agree that:

    * Written notice must be given to end the Tenancy
    * The notice must be at least two months if given by the Landlord and at least one month if given by the Tenant.
    * Written notice must always be given. However the notice cannot end the Tenancy before the last day of the Fixed Period


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