will s21 affect s8 hearing?

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    will s21 affect s8 hearing?


    i have an s8 hearing hearing next week

    am i permitted to serve an 21 today, just in case the hearing goes against me

    or will the serving of the s21 affect the s8 in some way?


    You can serve either notice without affecting the other, or both in one go at the same time again without one affecting the other.

    If you serve a S21, make sure you get the correct a or b form.


      Originally posted by davidjohnbutton View Post
      If you serve a S21, make sure you get the correct a or b form.
      This means a form under either:
      i. section 21(1)(b); or
      ii. section 21(4)(a).
      However, some published forms will suffice in both cases (with appropriate textual insertions and deletions).
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